Monument Signs in Cleveland Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

Having the right signage combination on your property can make or break your business. If the products look professional, fit well into the space provided, and address the consumer with eye-catching colors and style elements, studies prove that it is possible to increase sales by 3 percent or more per sign added. The monument sign, in particular, is an excellent tool for catching the eye of motorists before they arrive at your parking lot’s entrance. Doing so is instrumental in preventing a prospective customer from passing by your store or office and heading to the competition rather than turning around to enter your venue.

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Blink Signs Rebrands and Relocates to Cleveland OH!

Blink Marketing and Signs has rebranded to become Blink Signs. Loyal readers of our blog already know that our signage experts have helped countless business owners with the rebranding of their companies. Now, we have put this expertise to work for our own business.

From Independence to Cleveland

Blink used to operate in Independence, OH. Yet the revitalization ofdowntown Cleveland inspired us to become part of the movement to bring companies back to the area. With suburban business parks and newly built office buildings luring plenty of commercial ventures – and jobs – to other parts of the state, a concerted effort to reverse the trend has taken the area by storm.

Blink is right in the midst of it. Yet the switch from one locale to another called for an adjustment of signage as well. It is here that Blink Signs investigated the overall vibe of the city and decided to adjust its look and brand to appeal more readily to the consumer. The design is now crisp, the colors are vibrant and Blink is positioned to take downtown Cleveland by storm.

Rebranding Enhances Brand Positioning

There are plenty of reasons for a company to rebrand itself.

  • Location change. Moving from one part of the country to another, or from one part of the state to another, qualifies as an excellent reason for adjusting your branding. Appealing to a new local demographic is crucial for success at your new address.
  • Product updates. A business that changes its menu focus must update its brand. Going from an all-night diner to a French bistro with a focus on breakfast calls for more than just new signage and a revamped menu. This is true for all types of companies.
  • Demographic alignment. When you have been in business for a long time, there is a good chance that your initial logo and font selection appealed to a demographic that is now no longer your customer base. Align your product presentation to a new demographic via changes to your brand display.

In some cases, rebranding can be as simple as altering the font and enhancing color selections. In other cases, the process calls for a change to the logo design itself. This step depends on your reasons for undertaking the brand alignment process as well as the statement you seek to make.

We Still Remain Your Local Sign Shop with a National Appeal

Although Blink Signs has undergone an attractive rebranding, we are still your local sign shop that serves all of Northeast Ohio. In addition, we are still a national commercial sign company that serves all 50 states with excellent project management skills. When you have a signage project that you want the experts to see through from concept to final installation, we are ready to serve you. No project is too small or too large. Call us today to get started! When you want to find out more about rebranding and how to avoid the pitfalls that sometimes come along with this highly beneficial process, our pros would love to answer your questions about that, too.