Must-Have Signs for Facility Managers in Cleveland

If you are in charge of outfitting your Cleveland facility with signage, what are your options?

Starting on the Outside Makes Sense


When you view your facility from the outside, the building most likely looks somewhat nondescript. One of the first signs for facility managers in Cleveland to consider would, therefore, be the building marker. Choose from channel letters or a box cabinet when you prefer an illuminated product. For buildings that already have façade-mounted light sources, you may be able to opt for dimensional letters crafted from outdoor-rated foam, acrylic or metal instead.

Adding a monument sign makes sense as well. It allows motorists to slow down and safely change lanes to enter your parking lot. Consider brick and mortar monuments for their longevity. Opt for high-density urethane (HDU) for stylish pre-fabricated solutions. Mimic the look of your building sign with the monument’s facing. If multiple companies use the facility, you also have the option of installing a pylon instead.

Moving on to the Interior Comes Second


With the building’s exterior accurately identifying your company, it is now time to pay attention to the facility’s interior. A lobby sign welcomes visitors to the foyer. The marker’s makeup communicates your branding message as well. Material options include acrylics, metals, foam, PVC and combinations thereof. For example, some facility managers like the idea of commissioning acrylic logo panels that feature a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay.

Wayfinding signs are a must-have for any facility. Point the way to the restrooms, cafeteria, and other areas that are open to the public. Directories assist visitors with finding the office or professional they are searching for. We recommend the use of wall-mounted products that let you make changes as needed.

All types of facilities benefit from the posting of safety signs. Examples include exit signs, evacuation maps, and markers that limit access. For temporary hazards such as wet floors, spills or similar situations that call for a quick repair, select A-frames in yellow or orange colors. Choose from products that already come with imprinted safety messages or select A-frames that feature a display pocket, which allows you to insert a graphic with your chosen message.

ADA Compliant Facility Manager Signs for Cleveland Companies


If the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) leave you feeling confused, do not worry. Our signage experts understand the intricacies of the law and gladly offer you input on the types of signs that your facility must display to be in compliance. Although there are a number of requirements that these products must meet, they do not have to take on a generic appearance. In fact, there are some ways that you may be able to work within the requirements to display branded signs that feature your company’s colors and style elements.

Contact us today to learn more about your signage options and to discuss your project. Whether you are outfitting a facility for the first time, need to upgrade existing signage or want to overhaul a newly renovated building, we can help.


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