Channel Letters and Grand Opening Banners Great Retail Store Signs in Cleveland!

Just recently, Fallas celebrated its grand opening of the 3478 Mayfield Road location. Presenting neighbors with the opportunity to find great deals on clothing, home goods, and shoes, this store is an attractive destination not just for the holidays. When this business required retail store signs in Cleveland, the company’s management team contacted our signage professionals for assistance.

Channel Letters and Grand Opening Banners for Retailers in Cleveland, OH


After consulting with the team, we created the iconic Fallas channel letter display with its white on red signage. The tagline presents underneath with a box cabinet. The banner is a vinyl product that spells out “Grand Opening” in red print against a white backdrop. The goal here was to preserve the color scheme of the franchise and incorporate the temporary banner into the mix.

Beyond the Grand Opening Signage: What Do You Need?

The display of a building sign, as well as a grand opening banner, is an excellent first start. It begins the communication with the consumer and invites the shopper to become a buyer. From there, what are your options?

  • Window graphics. We are firm believers in the power of the one-two punch that multiple signage products bring to your storefront. If you are ready to go beyond the primary marker display, window graphics give you the opportunity to show images of your products, co-brand by showing off manufacturer logos or expand on your tagline with a lettering package.
  • Window posters. Secure these products to the interior of the glass with suction cups. These signage solutions bring splashes of color to your windows. When you like to change the look of the displays frequently, this is an excellent marketing product. Just change the posters when you want to highlight a different product, emphasize another service or keep in step with the seasons.
  • Floor graphics. Imagine the attention that three-dimensional floor graphics bring to your storefront. These graphics are durable and present with eye-grabbing, decorative touches. For a direct marketing or branding setup, only highlight the name of your business and the tagline again. The use of your company’s colors reinforces the branding.

Discuss Your Signage with an Industry Insider

When you are thinking through the signage products you need before opening your new location, talk through the prospective items with a graphic artist. Our experts are industry insiders who not only use their artistic talent to your benefit, but they are also industry insiders who understand current signage trends and how they may help you to stand out from the crowd.

Since making a huge splash during your grand opening festivities is crucial, it makes sense to consider your options carefully before the big day arrives. Whether you need channel letters for retail stores in Cleveland, OH, you want to explore different signage options, or you need to have franchise signage reproduced with details sent to you from the regional office, our experts can help. We work with you, your management team or with the folks from your franchisor’s office. Contact us today to get started on your design.

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Illuminated Building Signs for Nonprofits in Northeast OH

Axess Pointe is a federally qualified community health center. Operating a pharmacy that charges reduced rates, as well as offering dental and medical clinic services, this business is at the forefront of providing a broad range of health care solutions to the community. When this organization needed illuminated building signs for nonprofits in Northeast OH, its management team contacted our graphic artists for assistance.


Channel Letters Shine Brightly at Night

The first sign displays above the entryway of the clinic at the Anna Dean Reiall Center. The lettering features two shades of blue as well as one shade of gray. It spells out “Axess Pointe.” A box cabinet right underneath lists the venue as a “Community Health Center.” Its oval appearance creates a visual counterpoint to the angles of the organization’s name display. Both signs light up after dark. We created an identical product for a second location as well.

Top 3 Advantages of Illuminated Building Signs


Why choose a sign that lights up versus one that does not? Three distinct advantages make this choice an easy one for most of our business clients.

  1. Enhanced wayfinding after dark. The clinic keeps its doors open well after dark. When a company operates before sunrise or after sunset, it makes sense to illuminate the lettering to make the signage easy to see for consumers in search of the enterprise.
  2. Bolder colors at other times. The illumination behind the polycarbonate facings causes them to show off their colors much more vividly. This type of display catches the eye quickly – particularly if you do business in an area where competitors fail to rely on lit signage.
  3. A variety of choices. Channel letters and box cabinets are the signage types most commonly associated with this setup. You might also consider the design and installation of stainless steel fabricated letters that contain light sources. This technology makes the product one of the few dimensional letters that features integrated LEDs for illumination.

The Raceway: An Added Advantage of Channel Letter Signs

If you are worried about the makeup of your façade, channel letters offer you the additional benefit of accommodating a raceway installation. In this setup, there is a barrier between the channel letter return and the exterior wall. It makes mounting the product to the wall possible in challenging situations. At the same time, the raceway features a water-resistant cover that opens and closes with hinges. It allows us to insert the sign’s power supply.

Discussing Your Next Building Sign with the Experts

Contact our graphic artists for more information on the design of building signs for nonprofits in Northeast OH or any other type of company in and around the area. We work with you to discover the right signage solution for your current needs. Whether you are looking for a first building sign or need to replace the product that you currently use on the façade, we can help. We also handle signage refurbishing as well as re-branding changes. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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Tips for Finding the Best Sign Company in Northeast OH

The business communities in Northeast Ohio span six metropolitan areas comprised of 18 counties. More than 2.2 million folks work for a broad range of companies in this area. Major employers include real estate, insurance, and health care firms. Financial companies, service providers, and retailers represent the smaller, but nevertheless important, corporate members of the community. All of these types of businesses rely on the best sign company in Northeast OH: Blink Signs.

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