Your image and how you represent your company is one of the most important aspects of business, it’s imperative to how customers and prospects identify you. Most people make decisions based on your business image.

Naturally there is a wide variety of products making an equally wide variety of costs. Quotes are provided up front so there are no surprises! We are always happy to offer you options to meet your budget.

We begin every project with a new customer by discussing the intention or purpose of the sign. Where will the sign be viewed? How will the sign be placed or installed? Do you have a budget for your signage project? Our series of questions will help us determine the best materials, colors and mounting methods in constructing your sign to achieve the optimal sign for your purposes.

Our experienced design team will optimize your sign design to fit its intended situation. For instance, a sign which is intended to be viewed up close will have different characteristics than a sign being viewed while driving past it. We will ensure your sign reaches the full potential of its given task.

We have a myriad of materials for your selection. We use some of the best materials in the industry: If you only need a quick sign that will be taken down after a few weeks or months, we can make your sign in a less expensive material. If you need it to last a few years, we will make it with a better grade of material to withstand the elements for the time period you need it to last. If you need it to last 5-7 years or longer, we will go with some of the best material available on the market today and you will be able to enjoy your signage for years and years to come.

Absolutely. Before we begin production, we require your approval of the artwork, colors, spelling, and layout. Once you are satisfied, we begin producing your sign. This way, we are both clear on what we’re producing.

Clients are never surprised with the final product because we provide a full color proof of what it will look like. Before anything goes to final production we will submit a proof to you for your approval. If a change is made, we will provide another proof to ensure your satisfaction.

Lamination is not required in many cases (i.e. corrugated road signs, indoor posters); however, lamination is always recommended, as it will enhance the appearance and extend the life of any sign. There are many instances where lamination is a must, including: vehicle graphics, graphics in high foot-traffic areas, or signs which are packed-up and moved around frequently (easel signs).

When used appropriately, full-color graphics may enhance the professionalism of your brand, service, or product. However, in some cases it may be in your best interest to stick with a simpler approach. Our design team will be able to suggest the best possible option for your intended use.

Monitor calibration is subjective. CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and LED monitors all have differences in color accuracy. To get the best possible idea of the color you will receive, we have color charts on the walls in our shop. Pantone numbers can be given as a target reference, but note that different printing techniques and substrates affect the output. We can assist in matching as close as possible to supplied samples or Pantone numbers. Depending on your monitor calibration, these colors may or may not show accurately. With an order, a print sample can be provided if requested.

Proofs benefit you, as well as our team, because it prevents any mistakes or miscommunications from being processed into the order. Once all the measurements are taken and the information is transferred, we double check that everything is correct. We make the process as efficient as possible, so by using proofs, you are able to view your signage in a 3-D image that you can visualize and approve.

We work with most professional design applications including Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator, etc. If we’re “cutting” the lettering or logo out, we will need a Vector File, otherwise we can digitize (or Vectorize) the artwork you provide us in a JPEG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, etc. at an additional charge. You can email us your “print ready” or “cut ready” artwork, mail us a CD-R, CD-RW, DVD or USB flash drive, or upload your file to our website. Please be sure that artwork is sent high resolution. If you have questions concerning your artwork or need help uploading, feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Absolutely! Contact us to discuss your specific image and the ability to incorporate the image into your new sign.

 If sending your artwork in “real size”, please send your work 150 dpi. We can also work with a one-inch-to-one-foot ratio (Example: if the art is to be 6 feet long and 4 feet tall, the submitted artwork should be 6 inches long and 4 inches tall) at 300 dpi.

Dpi is the standard of measurement for the resolution of images that describes the number of dots per inch (dpi) that are used to create an image. The higher the dpi, the higher the resolution which translates to better quality of your final product.

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