Labor Day is all about barbeques and gatherings. It’s a reward for the tireless efforts you’ve put into work throughout the year. Labor Day is quite a big deal for advertisers. Here are some ideas that to help you with business promotion:

Get the Party Started with a Hamburger

A great way of enticing more people into coming is to host a free cook-out. There’s nothing better than a delicious grilled hamburger, or a hotdog. They’re cheap and easy to make. One of the greatest business promotion ideas. Everyone loves free stuff, you know. Promote the event on social media, and use banners and wall decals to advertise the message.

Good Show Calls for Good Music

Lighten up the mood with good music. Reach out to any music group in your community or have some volunteers perform live. This attracts more people and it’s an opportunity for business promotion. Showcase your brand name on a sign or flyer for the business promotion event. It’s a good idea to keep the event free and family-friendly. 

Hold a Raffle

Hold a raffle throughout the day. Decide one item to raffle off every hour. Give your customers a free ticket for coming to the store. At the end of each raffle, the remaining customers should be given a new ticket for the next one. Make sure your merchandise is on the display for them to choose from. 

Don't forget to display your business promotion event. Make sure you’re sending out the message with the right signage solution. Use temporary signs, like posters, window, and floor decals, or foam boards. Labor day, like any other national holiday, is a great way to attract your prospects and meet your business goals. Don't let this opportunity pass!