As with every other sweet love affair, the relationship between a customer and a retailer starts with the very first impression. A positive and personable first impression is not just important but is in fact crucial to establish a long-term relationship with customers. First impressions have the ability to make or break a business as it sets the tone for the entire customer experience.

Studies done by Burt Decker reveals that human brains make a first impression of someone we meet in just two seconds. Meaning, if you are a retailer you have just two seconds to impress a customer or a passerby. This is where outdoor storefront signs can help. A beautifully-designed, thoughtfully-created, and strategically-placed storefront sign has the ability to impress and inspire the onlooker in a Blink of any eye.

At BlinkSigns we help retailers increase brand-awareness and grow traffic by harnessing the power of outdoor and indoor signs. In this article, our experts share 5 tips to help you make a strong first impression with your storefront signage.

Choose the Right Signage Material

There are different types of materials available for storefront signs that include pylon, awning signs, painted glass, metal signage, plywood, and wood. If you want a storefront sign that stands the test of time while making an impact; metal signs are the best options for you as they all are highly corrosion resistant and weather resistant. With very little maintenance required, metal signs can last for decades as they not only resist the effects of the weather but also don’t fade when exposed to strong sunlight. Metal signs also appear neat, professional, smart, and offer a higher-end look.

Make Your Logo Standout

A good logo is a visual and aesthetically pleasing element that has the ability to trigger positive responses and differentiates you from everyone else while fostering brand loyalty. There is no better way to promote your businesses’ logo than through a storefront sign. However, the right positioning of the logo is important and it can impact the level of awareness and engagement you’ll receive. In order to make our logo stand from the rest of the content, we recommend you put a boundary around it to set it apart from all of the surrounding elements.

Choose the Right Typography

Choosing the right typography for your storefront signage is also important as it makes a great impact on the onlookers. Choosing the right typography primarily depends upon two important factors; the size of your sign and the message you want to deliver. You might find yourself at the crossroads as there are hundreds of fonts available and each has its own vibe and connotation. Carefully choose the font and make sure that the text is visible from afar.

Give Special attention to the Design

Signage is a visual communication tool, meaning the design is the most important aspect of a sign. It is wise to do a lot of research and then develop a list that includes key elements like the color scheme, the images, the logo, and other important details. If you want some design inspirations, you can check out what your competitors are doing and what key elements they have in their designs. When it comes to the latest design trends in storefront signage, minimalism is the new cool. Simple signs not only humanize your brand but also help you establish an emotional connection with your target audience.

Storefront Signs with BlinkSigns

At BlinkSigns, we help retailers get the best and latest storefront signage solutions. Our team of experts continuously observes the market and provides solutions that guarantee an increase in foot traffic and a boost in sales.

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