There is no debate in saying that the retail industry is the winner when it comes to putting efforts to improve customer experience and adapting to the changing business environments. To make the customer experience more fulfilling, retailers have to keep with the latest trends and invest in the latest technologies. At BlinkSigns, we provide innovative signage solutions to retailers and also provide brand management services to help our clients upgrade their existing installations.

Digital signage is arguably one of the best tools that retailers can use to appeal to modern consumers and make their shopping experience more satisfying. However, in order to make the most out of our digital signage installations, it’s important to use the right content, otherwise, you may end up spending hundreds of dollars without getting to see the actual results.

Being a leading supplier of digital signage solutions in the United States, clients often ask us for content suggestions for their signage screens. As a part of our brand management services, we have helped many of our clients improve user experience and maximize their rate of return with the right content and the right marketing strategy.

Here are some suggestions that we provided to different retailers.

Using Weather Feeds to Suggest and Recommend Products

Weather is the second biggest influence on consumer behavior after the economy. Rain or shine, studies reveal that weather can make a huge difference when it comes to generating revenue and smart retailers are using this knowledge to their advantage.

Live weather updates paired with the right marketing content can help retailers boost their sales in real-time. For instance, you have a digital signage screen installed at your apparel store that displays weather forecasts and says” Hey it’s going to be freezing tonight, better get a jacket.”

Similarly, other retailers such as grocery stores can also use weather feeds to subtly promote their products. Like if the weather forecast shows rain for a few days, you can say “Hey, get an umbrella, showers are expected”.

Live Sports News and Current Events Feeds for Audience Engagement

We all want to keep tabs on the latest political happenings to remain informed and updated. Similarly, sports news is something that people often lookup. We recommend retailers install apps in digital signage that cover major new sites. Adding news channels or similar playlist in your signage will help keep your audience engaged, informed and it will also make people stick to the screen which will provide you an opportunity to market your products.


Live Travel Information

Tourism brands and the hospitality industry can use travel updates and information to their advantage. Café’s or hotels near airports and bus terminals can use travel info to boost user engagement. 

Wayfinding Signs

Millennials and Gen Z customers want a hassle-free shopping experience. They are inspired by the DIY (Do it yourself) philosophy and they prefer to help themselves. Wayfinding signs make it easier for the customers to navigate through your store and easily find the things they’re looking for. Wayfinding signs keep your customers confident during their shopping and are now must-have features for grocery stores, superstores, and retailers.


Retail Signs with BlinkSigns

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