Point-of-purchase is the climax moment in retail where everything comes together – the buyer, the seller, the product, and the money. In any shopping experience, especially when it comes to shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, point-of-purchase is an opportunity for retailers to upsell and influence the consumer’s buying decision.

Banners & Displays at point-of-purchase have long been used by retailers for communications, promotions, announcements, and more. At BlinkSigns, we help retailers improve product visibility and lure their customers into buying high ticket items through enticing POP banners and imageries’. In this article, our experts share tips and tricks that retailers can use to step up the game and make the most of their POP displays.

Make The Graphics Bold!

The point of purchase graphics needs to be screaming and flashing. Though the millennials today prefer signs with minimal designs but as we said earlier, the point of purchase is the climax moment so it has been exciting. Make the graphics bold and don’t hesitate to go crazy with the colors. The purpose is to get the attention and do that with bold graphics punching right in the face. 

Keep Your Message Clear, Short, and Sweet

The content or text on your POP display has to be short, loud, and clear. While we recommend to go extra with the graphics, the content has to be minimal, short, and crisp. Don’t try to say too much and avoid saying vague confusing things. You need to grab maximum attention in minimal time so keep it short and clear. Inspire urgency, demonstrate saving, or offer any other incentive, but keep it short.

Go Digital-Use QR Codes

Since consumers have a limited time at Point of Purchase and you have limited space, you can still say a lot of things if you use the opportunity more strategically. 90% of the consumers today have smartphones and that can be used as a resource. Place the QR codes on the banners so that consumers can read the full details of your offer online within seconds. This is multiway beneficial. Firstly, the consumers can go through the details in real-time themselves without any assistance and you get to make the offer more interesting and enticing using online tools. Secondly, this helps you drive more traffic to your online channels that can eventually lead to more online orders. Thirdly, it will make you look smart and tech-savvy – a thing that millennials and GenX admire a lot.

Choose the Optimum Location

That’s no brainer that the Point of Purchase displays have to be somewhere near the billing counter. However, the right placement is also very important so that the display gets the attention and impressions. If there are multiple displays, make sure they are organized and not running into each other so that customers can view and reach each of them without any trouble.

Keep the Content Updated

Displays with outdated offers and promotions can be a major turn off for consumers. It is very important that you keep the signs updated and only display the latest offers and prices, particularly on your point of purchase banners. If a certain offer has ended, remove that banner and replace it with a new one.

POP Displays with BlinkSigns

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