Healthcare centers can be chaotic and stressful. While the hospital staff may be accustomed to the hectic atmosphere, patients and visitors will likely have a difficult time adjusting to the environment. Hospitals usually go for interior signage options for helping patients navigate around with ADA & way-finding signs to make hospital visits easy for the visitors and help them understand the hospital’s available services by implementing traditional hospital signage. Taking the time and effort to add to or enhance your hospital signage strategy can help improve the patient experience, which will make your hospital more successful. There are many benefits of Traditional Hospital Signage, but when it comes to children’s healthcare centers, all the traditional signage choices don't seem very useful.

Make Children Comfortable

Is there anything scarier for a child than a cold hospital room, strange people and a giant medical device? Children’s hospitals and pediatric wards are no child’s favorite places. Parents always have a hard time calming their children in hospitals. But what if the hospital environment were more child-friendly?

To make hospitals more friendly and comfortable for children, we recommend adding fun, colorful graphics and signage in the form of art wraps to help children feel less anxiety. From jungle-themed wall murals to ocean-themed MRI machines, a mix of colors and a fun looking design can make a significant difference for a nervous child. And if the children are comfortable, the medical procedures can be carried out easily and the parents will also be more relaxed.

Make children comfortable with medical wraps

Medical Device Wraps

Medical devices like MRIs, CAT scans and even X-ray machines can be intimidating for both children and adults. We recommend adding custom-designed adhesive medical wraps that can help make the equipment seem a lot friendlier. Vinyl Wraps can be added to both stationary medical equipment and portable medical devices. All it takes is a sign company like Blink Signs and you’ll have a unique and friendly device!

Medical device wraps for children

Wall & Window Vinyl Graphics

While we are on the topic, it is needless to say that hospital walls don’t typically inspire comfort. Adding signage on walls or windows in the form of vinyl medical wraps to patient rooms, hallways, waiting rooms and other areas of the hospital can create a friendly and comforting environment that relaxes patients and reduces their anxiety. Adhesive vinyl wraps are a good choice because you can switch out your signage wrap every now and then or completely remove it whenever you like.

wall vinyl graphics in child healthcare center


At Blink Signs we deliver what we promise. Give your Healthcare Centers a joyful makeover with our most popular Vinyl Wraps and Graphics.