The Super Bowl is unlike any other sporting event in America. The fanbase of this football game is huge and creates ample opportunities for businesses of all types. From food and drinks to apparel consumer spending is expected to reach over $13 billion this year.

Like many other large events, this year’s Super Bowl event is going to look a lot different. The in-person attendance will be 30 percent of the total stadium capacity.  There will be no large parties, public gatherings, and live game projections. However, this doesn’t mean that the public’s zeal and zest will be less energetic. Due to restrictions on public gatherings, there will be a huge amount of people hosting parties in their backyards for family and friends. Thus, an increase in demand for every type of local business.

Businesses need to stay vigilant and should always be on the lookout for exciting events that would attract customers to their store. Always remain prepared for events to come. Below we will discuss how you can reap benefits from events like the Super Bowl.

Grab Their Attraction

This year more people will enjoy the game from the comforts of their home. Grocery and liquor stores should ramp up promotional efforts to grab the attention of customers and allow them to shop for the game in advance. A point-of-purchase display can hook customers to spend more. Floor graphics can lead them to specific aisles. Exterior mesh window signages can grab the attention of passers-by.

It is all about pitching at the right moment that hooks the customers right in. These days, everyone has the Super Bowl on their minds. Intelligent business owners can revamp their stickering and signages according to the game trends and attract more customers.  For instance, window stickers can remind people not to forget those TV-watching snacks and drinks to make the Super Bowl worthwhile.

Directional & Way-Finding Signs

There will be a lot of people who will not be willing to cook when the big game is on. The restaurant owners will be in for a treat because people will be picking up their food or get it delivered. It is highly recommended to design and place informational as well as attractive directional and way-finding signs on their properties. It will help people to easily navigate and follow SOPs. 

Ensure Socially distanced Gatherings

The Super Bowl has always been a good excuse for football-loving friends to get together and enjoy the game. Although there will be fewer gatherings this year, still there will be plenty of people watching the game in a socially distanced manner. For restaurant and bar owners it is recommended to design attractive SOPs signs. Dine-in places with open spaces can screen live games outside and create a socially distanced seating environment. Place handwashing and mask reminders on walls and floors to stress on compliance. 

It’s All About Branding

No matter what type of event is going on, a good branding piece will always sell. Business owners need to be vigilant and look for the events in advance to get their marketing strategy in place. We are on the road to recovery after the havoc wreaked by the pandemic. It is the best time for businesses to ramp up their marketing efforts to again gain the customer base and get the ball rolling.