Your business deserves nice and gleaming exterior signs. Try out inexpensive and time friendly ways to clean your metal prints. Let us walk you through some cool ideas: 


How To Clean Your Metal Prints


Non-abrasive cloth and a streak-free cleaning solution are your best friends to remove smudges from your exterior signs. Make sure you’re wiping your print from the middle to the edge to make your prints free of streak and dirt.

Lookout for Different Cleaning Solutions 


Lookout for solutions that won’t damage the material or the color itself of your exterior signs. You can achieve this with a number of ways. Here’s our quick guide: 


  • Water is a quick and easy solution. Make sure that no streaks and smudges are left behind. 
  • Any streak-free glass cleaner works to rub off all the excess dirt on your exterior signs. 
  • Use a non-abrasive cloth with isopropyl alcohol to clean fingerprints on your metal prints. Once dried, your sign will be as good as new. 
  •  Do not try bleach or any heavy duty material as it damages the surface of your print. 

Choose The Right Cleaning Cloth 


Choose the right cloth to make sure no dirt is left behind. Microfiber or lint-free cloth is an excellent option because it's designed to leave your exterior signs nice and shiny. 


Before cleaning your signs, make sure that there are no rocks or small particles that get dragged while cleaning. Steel wool is not suitable because it may leave scratches behind.  

Focus On the Cleaning Technique 


Clean your metal prints after hanging them. This is one way to ensure that no scratches or fingerprints are left behind. 


Dip the cloth in the solution of your choice (water, glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol). Slowly clean in the metal print in the outward direction from the center. Spray a little solution on the metal print and use a non-abrasive cloth to clean it.  

We’ve presented you some new ideas you feel comfortable in. Make those smudges a forgotten story by improving your cleaning technique. The trick is to follow the steps and achieve a gorgeous print.