Digital Signage allows restaurants to raise service standards and boost brand loyalty by delivering the right message at the right time and at the right place. On the other hand, social media is a great tool to establish a powerful brand identity by curating a sense of community. The two platforms are arguably one of the best mediums for personalized communication with customers and work amazingly well on their own but when integrated, the awesomeness reaches a whole new level. 

When it comes to restaurant marketing, social media & digital signage go together like burger & fries or Spaghetti & meatballs or Netflix & Chill. Well, you get the point. While the two complement each other so well and the impact of this integration is certainly no secret, only a few restaurant owners really know how to use the combination to the fullest.

In this article, we are going to tell you how to strategically incorporate restaurant signage with each aspect of their social media.

Create A Hashtag Campaign

Nearly all social media platforms allow hashtags. Displaying a live hashtag feed on your restaurant signs is a very interactive way to keep customers engaged and entertained. Create a unique restaurant-specific hashtag and ask your customers to post their food pictures with the hashtag and reward them by displaying their posts on signage screens. By giving your customers an opportunity to be in the limelight even for a few moments, they’d definitely feel encouraged to post more. This user-generated content will leverage social proof and will also provide you with a never-ending stream of content that your customers will enjoy.

Host Video Challenges

Video challenges have been trending. This is another great method to engage with your community members and spread the word about your business. Tik Tok, being the most popular social video platform, is the hub for video challenges. You can also host a video challenge and reward the participants by displaying the best entries on your restaurant signs. This can significantly increase your sales as the interested ones will have to purchase their product to play a game with it. Believe it or not, Gen Z loves to get attention and they would definitely try it in hopes to get featured on your restaurant signage.


Boost Your Special Offers

Restaurants can use signage screens to display their special offers like “Buy one, get one free” or “Twinning Friday” as these captions drive attention. This opens possibilities for getting new customers as some people are intrigued by special offers and might drop by your restaurant for the offer, thereby increasing sales and widening the customer base. You can offer complimentary dessert to customers who share their experience at your restaurant on social media and/or upload the snap of the signage so that their friends also know about the offer and grab it before it ends.


Display Customer Reviews on Signs

Before trying your restaurant for the first time, your prospective customers are likely going to look up customer reviews on your social media accounts. Your Yelp rating matters. In fact, as per the findings of BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Digital signage allows you to make your customer reviews visible to the people interacting with you at the current time. You can use outdoor restaurant signage to display customer reviews and feedback which can certainly influence people and increase your sales. You can also use signs to request your customers to leave a review about their experience on your social media pages.


Why Choose BlinkSigns?

At Blink Signs, we have experienced marketers that help restaurants improve their game with digital signage and social media. We design interactive restaurant signage that is compatible with every social media campaign. Reach out to our team to learn more about our digital signage solutions for restaurants.