The corporate lobby is usually the face of an organization. As soon as a customer walks into the premises, the lobby makes the first impression and sets the tone for everything that follows, making it an important element to the reputation of any organization. The clients who show up for meetings are going to judge your professionalism, creativity, and quality of operations by the overall vibe of your lobby. So it’s important that your lobbies are impressive, as outdated or tired-looking lobbies can negatively impact your business.

A lobby sign is an effective tool to lift the mode of your lobbies and send the right messages. As soon as a client walks into your lobbies, you want them to see your codes, ethics, culture, slogans, and mottos and basically let them know what your organization is all about. This can all be achieved with the right lobby signs.

Getting the Right Lobby Signs

Lobby signs have seen a lot of innovation and now there are many options available, and you can get creative with the designs. Every business has its own needs and lobby signs give newcomers an immediate glimpse into business so you need to be careful if you want to be playful or keep it strictly sophisticated and professional.

You have unlimited options with graphics, fonts, and colors that can help you make a unique impression on people. However, the following are the most popular types of lobby signs that are effective and send a powerful message.

3D Letters

Harness the power of a three-dimensional arrangement. 3D letters lobby signs not only look professional but are also attention-grabbing. With the right fonts and graphics, you can achieve your goals. Whether you want to keep it on the simpler side or you want to make a bold strong image, a right signage partner can help you achieve your vision.

The shadows that a 3D sign creates can make your lobby impressive and thoughtful. 3D Letters signage is available in different materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass, bronze, or acrylic.

Lobby Plaques

Acrylic is a common signage material and widely used for lobby plaques. Frosted lobby plaques provide an opaque background, and is a wise choice if you want to hide wall defects. Vinyl printed lobby plaques at the back and printed letters at the front offer a more contemporary staging.

You can enhance the elegance of the plaque with custom studs and screws and the right placement is also important. The best thing about plaques is that they can be removed and relocated for convenience and they don’t pose any damage to the walls.

Backlit Lobby Signs

When it comes to grabbing attention, backlit lobby signs are a total winner. Backlit signs help you cut through the uniformity in your surroundings and stand out. Lightbox cabinets are also popular and effective as they offer a distinctive appeal.

Backlit lobby signs are powered with energy-efficient and low-voltage LED lights. There are plenty of options available such as individually fabricated backlit letters, reverse-cut metal panels, and edge-lit glass signs.

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