Wayfinding signs are subtle, yet powerful. They are not only effective advertising methods but extremely useful. Your visitors feel lost and find it hard to reach their destinations, wayfinding signs help them reach their destination on time. 


Avoid using poor signage for your business. It will detract your customers. A simple message with good design will do the trick for you. We’ve put together some best practices to make sure you don’t get lost while looking for the right destination. Take a look: 

Use consistent language

Wayfinding signs are there to create ease for your patients. Imagine getting stuck between simple signs like “ophthalmology” and “otolaryngology.” That's how your patients get confused. Use user-friendly terms to make the message more understandable.  Don’t be too hard on your patients. Design a user-friendly program to make the entire process understandable.  


There are other ways to improve the understanding of your message, too. Some of these methods include: working on your font size to make the message clearer and understandable. Try to reinforce the language on all touchpoints of your wayfinding signs. Use alphanumeric codes to reinforce the language. This works best for commercial complex environments. 

Give out one piece of information at a time


It's a myth that more signs are effective. Indulge in fewer signs to make your message loud and clear. When you’re dealing with poorly-functioning wayfinding system, more signs are not an effective solution. Stop overwhelming your visitors with too much information. Progressive wayfinding signs help your visitors follow a logical pattern, without overwhelming them. 

Use integrated wayfinding signs


Here’s a strategy: consider mobile apps, appointment cards, and reminder messages to stay on top of your game. Visitors are guided by external identification and directional sign with the help of these tools. Interior navigation works smoothly to immerse the visitors in the language of wayfinding signs. 

Carry out your Investment Wisely 


When you’re approaching a sign company, ask for a prototype. This will help you envision how your sign will look and feel in real space. Another way to make it work is to ask your stakeholders, to collect staff surveys and perform group testing. All these measures ensure the effectiveness of your wayfinding solutions before you make the full investment. 

Test before you invest


Most firms can design a wayfinding program that meets the first three criteria on this list. The best wayfinding design companies take things a step further by providing renderings and prototypes to help all stakeholders envision how the hierarchy of signs will look and feel in your space. When considering potential partners, ask if the firms can solicit stakeholder interviews, collect staff surveys, and perform user group testing. All these measures ensure your new wayfinding solution is effective before you make a full investment.

Don’t forget about staff training


Once a new wayfinding program is implemented, it’s crucial that you support your program through comprehensive staff training. You need to get everyone on board with the new system—from facilities managers to department heads to receptionists. By training your staff on the same wayfinding language, you ensure that your visitors receive the right directions without asking for help.


Establish lasting sign standards

Finally, it’s always a good idea to establish a set of sign standards when you’re investing in wayfinding design. Whether your project involves one building or 600, you need to make sure your new wayfinding system can expand and evolve as your requirements do. Sign standards help you reduce costs, eliminate redundancies, and secure easy workflows for approval, production, and maintenance for future additions. The best environmental graphics firms can help you establish sign standards that ensure quality and efficiency throughout the life of the program.  

Wayfinding signs are subtle yet powerful. Capitalize on wayfinding signs to boost the overall impression of your brand. Experts at Blinksigns plan, design and install your sign in no time.