It's summer and that means people are out and about, taking a walk, driving to the beaches, riding bikes, you name it. It’s the perfect time to get your brand in front of your potential customers. During the summer, you can do a great deal with your interior signs, exterior signs, and event signage. We'll be talking about some great summer signs ideas that your business can implement this summer. 

Add Color with Wall Murals

Do you have a bare wall to spare? Put it to use this summer. Bring an exciting and interactive element to your business with custom wall murals. Be it interior signage that leaves your customers awestruck or an exterior wall that needs a little color. There are so many options you can play with this summer. 

You can either go for the more freestyle street art or the rather time consuming and permanent stencil art. To get that amazing stencil art look for your summer feature, you can get vinyl printed interior murals. For your big, bare exterior walls, go for something heavier than vinyl. If creative and unique, wall murals are entertaining and interactive – something your customers will love about your business. Make it bright, fun and interactive, it’ll help spread brand awareness as well. 

Our advice: Use summer colors for your summer signs, and place your wall graphic somewhere that will compel your customers to take pictures and engage with it. 

Glam up your Summer Ride

Summer is that time of the year when everyone is off exploring the beaches and other summer spots. The roads are practically filled with holiday goers. These are people from all walks of life. It’s the perfect opportunity for spreading brand awareness using signage on your vehicle – vehicle wraps

Imagine you’re stuck in traffic gridlock while moving from city to city or finding a jam-packed parking lot at the beach. These are some great opportunities for you to cash in on by taking your business out into the public. It really does take minimum effort. Use vehicle signage, and enjoy your holiday while fulfilling the important task of spreading brand awareness. 

Our advice: Pick a theme for your vehicle wrap during summer that is fun and exciting. Something that will make the viewer smile and associate your business with their fun summer. Maybe a catchy slogan, or beachy graphics. These summer signs will definitely get your target audience excited. 

Summer Events? Take full advantage of your Event Signage

Summer is a season filled with great events. Whether you put up a stall at a tradeshow or running an advertisement at a summer festival, it’s the best time to refresh your business’s signage. 

Focus on the design for your banners, posters, and wayfinding. Create something that speaks about your brand. Summer is a great time to make businesses a little more fun, relatable, and entertaining than usual. So, take full advantage of it with your signage and designs. Go for something simple, clean yet engaging. 

Our advice: Update your colors. Add a little turquoise to your royal blue logo, some warm pink or yellow background tones. Go wild with creativity. You can always get in touch with Blink Signs to help you explore different, yet creative summer signs options. 

Are you and your business ready to capture the summer audience? Discuss your custom interior, exterior, and event signage with us at any time.