The United States is home to some of the world’s most iconic signs. Signs are now a part of our culture and they make the United States scenery more beautiful. Property management signs dominate the signage scene and you can find them sprinkled throughout where you live. Realtors and agents invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on signboards as real estate sales rely heavily on information, communication, branding, and marketing. Real Estate signs need to deliver 3 important purposes to be effective. First, offer an intriguing premise that attracts renters or buyers. Second, the design and content are compelling enough that instigates responses and push people to find out more about your brands. Last but not the least, your real estate signs must help you build trust in the community.


At BlinkSigns, we help realtors promote their properties and increase foot traffic by providing custom real estate signs. In this article, our experts share some insights on what makes property signs effective and how to make the most out of your real estate signage investment.

  1.   Time Well:

Many realtors and agents often overlook this but studies have revealed that the timing of sign placement can have a huge impact on the returns. Real Estate agents should consider installing signs in advance and try to leave them up there for as long as appropriate. If a real-estate open house is coming up, it’s best to get the signs out there before the actual open house date. It is also important to consistently update the information on your signs as it gives the community an idea of effectively you work.

  1.   Create Strong Presence:

Real estate signs must have a strong and bold presence which is why monument signs are an excellent choice for your property management business. Monument signs are a great tool to attract attention as they provide clear visibility to motorists and pedestrians. Monuments Signs are generally installed near roadways or sidewalks and are generally built large enough so that they can be noticed from a distance. Your real estate sign must boost exposure to your brand and implement your brand identity

  1.   Place your signs thoughtfully

An aesthetically pleasing location will automatically make your sign look better and perform better. Choosing the right location is also very critical as the place where you will place the sign is the place where you will be branded. Also, make sure that your signs well-maintained as a broken sign can cause more harm than good to your brand.

  1.   Size Matters:

Size of a sign is another important factor that contributes to the overall success of a real-estate sign. Most realtors have this perception that the bigger, the better. While the notion may contain some truth, it must also be considered that sometimes a sign too big can be a distraction as it takes away from the message. Consult the experts and pick the right size for your real-estate signs.


Real Estate Signs By Blink Signs:

At BlinkSigns, we understand the complex real-estate business environment. We provide friendly and interactive real estate signage that benefits your team and your clients. For more information on real-estate signage, reach out to our team!