Restaurant signs make all the difference to how customers approach a restaurant. Strategically placed restaurant signs enhance the attention from passersby. If you’re a restaurateur then read up on these tips to attract customers with well-placed restaurant signs.

Plan to Attract

We’re talking about the intended audience. Foot traffic, casual passersby, formal groups or different age groups. These are specific audience type with different requirements. Placing the restaurant signs right with your audience in mind will get you the attraction you’re looking for.

Send the Actual Message

Think of signage as two-way communication. You convey a message about your business and people respond by coming in. The right signage creates a personal connection with customers. You can keep your signage visual or use spot-on wording to compel the audience to come in. In terms of restaurants, studies have found that visual signage is more personal. These types of signs send out the right message and helps customers find their way to your restaurant.

Create an Atmosphere

The popularity of a restaurant sign increases when it pops out from its surroundings. Placement is critical, but even noisy or dominant messaging can kill a great sign. Drowning that message is the worst you can do with your restaurant sign. Think more about making the signage unique. You can do that by choosing an environment that isn’t noisy, out-of-sight, or somewhere easily overlooked.

Think Simple

We all know how restaurant signs are the most important when you’re out. Food is essential and restaurants are essential-er. This is why restaurant signs need to stand out. For the actual sign, think big yet simple. Simplicity is the key here. Plus, visual signage barely needs information other than graphics to stand out. Restaurateurs have a habit of cramming too much in a sign that’s big. The size shouldn't affect the actual message. Gigantic graphic signage is enough to make a statement that will grab a customer’s eye in a split-second.

Focus on Quality

Graphic signage can have the restaurant’s brand in animation or food photos. Whichever way you go for you restaurant, we suggest that you don't skip on the professional service. Your sign is going to be the front-and-center of your restaurant. Invest heavily on quality for long lasting signage and high ROIs.

Signage is more than an announcement for a business. Signs that are rightly placed and visually appealing become your business’s attraction. Talk to our sign experts at Blink Signs about brightening up your business to stand out from the crowd using a variety of signage.