Since its inception, signage has come a long way and has continuously evolved to fit the world around it. Now that we are in the digital age, digital signage tools have gained immense popularity as they help in delivering personalized and real-time content to the audience.

Nonetheless, there are still certain types of old-school signage platforms that haven’t lost their charm and continue to remain some of the most useful tools to attract customers. At BlinkSigns, we provide both digital and non-digital signage solutions to our clients. As per the findings of our market researchers, the following three types of non-digital signage/traditional signage are still very effective and bring the most ROI.

A-Frame Signs

Also referred to as SANDWICH BOARDS or SIDEWALK SIGNS, A-frame signs are cost-effective, easy to use, and easy to install graphics for advertising and branding.  A-frame signs are one of the earliest types of signage and still very effective, especially when a business doesn’t have any supporting signage at the point of business. A-Frame signs when placed at the point of business can increase sales by 8.3% making it very lucrative in terms of ROI.

Another great thing about A-frame signs is that the owner has the liberty to change the location to grab maximum impressions. Moreover, you can also customize the content of the signs easily and quickly for the announcement of sales and promos, or to display your products and services. Dining establishments can even use them for displaying menus. Contrary to popular belief, A-frame signs can be used in almost any weather condition and they have the ability to attract customers both indoors and outdoors.

Monument Signs

When it comes to bold displays, monument signs combine graphic and architectural designs to give your business a blot and dignified look. The best thing about monument signs is that they offer a guaranteed audience. We all spend a major chunk of our time on the roads. With monument signs, you get the opportunity to target customers when they are outdoors either going to the office or strolling on the sidewalk.

LED powered Monument signs are very effective as they are visible in the night too so they work 24/7. The upfront cost might be high but when it comes to cost per impression and ROI, monument signs are extremely effective. A well-designed monument sign can help you stand out from the crowd and win more customers. 

Public Transport Labels

Public transport label signs are still very effective and remain a popular avenue for marketers and advertisers. The colorfully designed buses, taxis, cabs, vans, and other public transport vehicles serve as an extremely cost-effective and strategic marketing opportunity that can be utilized by business owners.

Vehicle signage offers you volumes of space that can be used for logos, messages, or catchphrases. These wraps allow you to display your products in front of everyone. Moreover, vehicle signage provides great mobility, constant promotion, and tax benefits.  

Billboard Signage with BlinkSigns:

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