Signage has become synonymous to advertising and marketing for businesses. Businesses are spending more on different types of signage to attract business.

So how do you choose a sign that has the ability to market and advertise? It's easy, you choose window signs. Or you can choose from the list of types of window signs that best suit your business and signage needs:

Window Signs

Static Clings

static clings

Static clings are ideal for temporary window signs. They’re reusable since they use suction to adhere to any glass surface. With proper care, they'll last you a year. Static clings are used for promotions, sales, or events.



Decals are ideal as a permanent window sign type. They stick to the window using an adhesive, which makes them good for one-time use. Once applied, decals last for up to 3 years with proper care. Decals are more of a long term signage solution. For window signs, the most common decals are vinyl decals.

Perforated Decals

perforated decals

Perforated decals are known as one-way window signs, as these are opaque on the outside but visible when seen from the inside. They’re ideal for conveying a statement about any business. Perforated decals are efficient for exterior signage and can last up to 5 years with proper care.

Frosted Decals

frosted decals

Frosted decals are a mix of opaque and clear window signs. There is a proper application process to get the best results. All the same, they allow visibility. If well placed and maintained, they can serve a business for about 5 years.

Design Considerations

Window signs come with some design considerations. A window sign has to represent your business in a simple and professional way. But there are still some design considerations when it comes to window signs. Here are a few:

Compelling colors

The colors you choose impact on the design and appearance of your window signs. Window signs with a blend of well thought colors help communicate a brand’s identity. You should keep a sharp contrast between background colors and the graphics and text of your window signs. This helps create window signs that bear a mark of professional quality.


One rule of designing any type of business signage is simplicity. Keep the design and layout of your window signs simple. Less work is better than more in designing any type of business signage. Consider every word you put on your window signs from a reading view. Having a customers’ perspective always helps design a simple yet efficient window sign.

Font size

Fonts determine whether your window sign is readable or not. Choose larger fonts to ensure the information on the window signs is readable by customers even from afar.

Every signage type is a stamp of your business in a simple and professional way. Window signs are no different. But with so many choices, how do you get started? Contact us at Blink Signs to understand your choices and get the ideal sign.