As we begin the 2020’s, business owners everywhere are discovering how crucial consistent and meaningful branding for their company’s success. In the restaurant industry, customers can only truly know a brand after experiencing the cuisine and interior atmosphere. So how can you communicate your restaurant’s philosophy before the dining experience takes place? Customers must be enticed, which is best achieved through engaging exterior restaurant signs.


Branding & Philosophy


Restaurant branding serves to represent not only your company’s style, but it’s values. Developing a brand strategy that prioritizes your restaurant philosophy starts with visual communication. Carefully selecting signage colors, shapes, art, typography, and placement, all contribute to the audience’s perception of your restaurant’s deeper purpose. For example, a restaurant serving locally-sourced meals might include that information in text signage, but the reason for that decision can be represented through visual story-telling; a rustic farm style sign might show the company’s advocacy for an organic lifestyle. 


Active Targeting


Food selections have the power to attract people from all kinds of demographics, given that customers decide to dine with your restaurant. Careful consideration to your target dining audience can influence your branding for the better. It’s important to understand what kind of values, aesthetic style, and lifestyles your potential customers are drawn to. This kind of information provides insight into what elements your customers would find useful or simply pleasing to have in and around your restaurant.


Effective Signage 


Since a restaurant depends on its exterior signage to make the first impression with customers, physically and stylistically standing out from the competition should be a priority. This means that your title sign should be full of your brand’s personality. Remodeling signs to include more visually stimulating elements is a worthwhile investment. Additional signage such as window signs or outside menus are especially helpful for communicating your restaurant’s style, values, and specialty items. Outdoor menus in particular provide an accessible and interactive element for your audience to become familiar with your restaurant. 


The team at Blink Signs is experienced with internal and external signage as well as brand management. Our signage experts will help you achieve a cohesive branding strategy that captivates your audience from their first glance to the moment they order. Reach out to our team to learn more about remodeling signs to suit your restaurant philosophy.