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Embedded Led

Embedded LED signs help make an impact. Blink Signs’ Embedded LED signs evenly diffuses light throughout each letter. This ensures that even the sharpest corners and thinnest strokes are illuminated. They’re equally good as an exterior and interior signage.  LED are embedded inside the material used for each letter; so, the individual lights and wirings are concealed. Count on our professionals to deliver the perfect corporate signs for your business.

Embedded LED Signs We Deal In


SlimSign is considered one of the most beautiful illuminated letters. These acrylic letters are illuminated with LEDs that are connected together. We seal these with acrylic composite to keep them safe from dust and waterproof. These are customizable and illuminated from more than one side.


A vintage look is the next big thing, and with LEDs, it’s possible to get that look. These are also made with acrylic blocks and LEDs embedded in it. It's rounded edges and the brightness of the sign that reminds you of the neon look.


For high mounted signs, you need to go big and bold. AlumSign is a great way to do that. These letters are solely built with LED modules and are built in various ways. For long-range visibility, their depths are customizable and are constructed with LED modules. Our custom signs help you make a statement from far!

Embedded Led Gallery

Embedded Led Examples

 Embedded Interior signs by blinksigns
Interior Embedded LED Signs by blinksigns
Embedded LED Signs 2 by blinksigns
Neon LED Signs by blinksigns
Volvo Channel letters
Acrylic letters illuminated by blinksigns
Amorino signs by blinksigns
Monument Signs of Edgewood trace by Blinksigns
Embedded LED signs by blinksigns
Electronic signs by blinksigns
Embedded LED signs 3 by blinksigns
Signs can be an essential component of a business's overall marketing strategy. A sign that contains the company’s logo can help reinforce its brand.

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