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Safety Products/PPE

The health & safety concerns have fundamentally changed the way businesses operate in the U.S. As the lockdown eases in many states, businesses will face greater government security.

Here at Blink Signs, we are offering complete solutions for businesses to run their operations safely and ensure compliance with the Government SOPs.

<p>Safety Products/PPE</p>

Safety Products

Mobile Sneeze Guards with Wheels

Social distancing is the new normal. All businesses must take reasonable measures to ensure that employees and customers follow social distancing guidelines provided by the health agencies.

At BlinkSigns we are offering mobile sneeze guards with wheels. Help your customers and employees practice social distancing by placing our acrylic sneeze guards in between them.

  • At Hair Salons & Barbershops, our mobile sneeze guards create a partition between each customer for their safety.
  • At Nail Spas, our mobile sneeze guards help spa workers service their clients while practicing social distancing.
  • At Hospitals and Clinics, our mobile sneeze guards can easily be moved between patients creating a safe barrier for them from each other.
  • At Blood Donation and Plasma Donation Centers, and at Dialysis Centers our mobile sneeze guards can create a safer environment for all vulnerable patients.
  • At Medical Testing Labs, our mobile sneeze guards help create a safe environment for the patients when placed in between patients.

Rideshare Sneeze Guards

We understand the risk faced by rideshare and Taxi, Uber & Lyft drivers. The cabs usually have limited space and the drivers are extremely vulnerable as they share that space with dozens of people daily.

We have introduced rideshare safety partitions. These transparent plastic shields act as rideshare sneeze guards and restrict the airflow in the cab making the rides safe for both drivers and passengers.

  • Protect yourself and your customers
  • Create a safer ridesharing experience
  • Practice social distancing even inside the car
  • Continue operations safely

Counter Top Sneeze Guards

We are offering standard as well as customized acrylic sneeze guards. These transparent physical barriers considerably mitigate the risk of exposure to airborne germs caused by coughing, sneezing, or even breathing droplets. We are offering a wide range of plexiglass/ acrylic sneeze guards for all industries.

Our Special Sneeze Guards COVID 19 Features

  • Customized and tailor-made on demand
  • Made from high-quality acrylic
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Various types available

Sneeze Guard Applications



Acrylic Sneeze guards and intubation boxes are useful throughout the hospital facilities.

Our Custom Sneeze Guards for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers are especially valuable to be placed on Receptions, Pharmacies, Imaging Labs, and Waiting rooms



Prevent germs from entering food through coughing and sneezing.

Our wide range of sneeze guards for restaurants have multiple uses such as for Order Counters, Receptions, Salad bars, Buffets, and Food Stalls


Spas & Salons

Salons and Spas have to return back to business-as-usual.

Install our Commercial Plexiglass Acrylic Shields at your Receptions, Client Service Stations, Nail Spa Stations, and Waiting Rooms



Offices have to redesign workspaces to settle in with life after lockdowns.

We have designed special sneeze guards for corporate offices to be installed at Receptions, In-House Coffee Bars, and Work Stations as Dividers

Retail & Super Markets

Retail & Super Markets

Supermarkets are the essential businesses that will continue to operate under all circumstances.

We are providing sneeze guards for the retail industry to protect customers & employees to be placed on Checkout counters, and as Food shields to protect food items from airborne contamination.

Protective Products

Personal protective gear offers the best defense against the virus. In order to ensure compliance with the SOPs provided by the Health agencies, businesses must provide protective gear to all employees who are vulnerable to unexpected exposure.

rotective Products

At Blinksigns, we are providing quality safety products and protective gear that meet all the standards set by health agencies. Take care of your staff and employees with our top-quality masks, gloves & hand sanitizers.


  • Custom branded designs
  • High-quality materials and components
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Order Safety Products and Protective gear today for your essential business and protect your customers and employees during these unfortunate times. We are also taking orders for customized products.

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