A digital signage solution that can make a difference in a complex environment is a rewarding investment. If you’ve ever visited an airport with a well-designed digital signs system, you’ll understand how powerful a good signage system can be. Same goes with a hospital. Whether it’s a digital wayfinding system that helps you get to your family, an amusement LCD for a bored adolescent patient, or a digital system installed at reception to accelerate patient check-in, the application of digital signage systems in a hospital are limitless. 

A powerful digital signs system contributes to a better patient experience by making navigation simple, streamlining operations, improving communications and allowing nurses and doctors to do what they do the best – Cure with Utmost Care. 

At BlinkSigns, we provide comprehensive digital signage solutions to clients across various industries. In this article, we are listing down 3 super cool benefits of indoor digital signs in a healthcare system. 

Reducing Stress During Wait Times:

Patients and visitors to health care facilities are generally mentally prepared for having to wait for long periods of time, which can often last for hours. In a very interesting book “Psychology of Waiting Lines” the renowned author David Maister says “unexplained waits feel longer than explained waits.” In any other setting, this impatience can be ignored,but in a stressful hospital environment, it leads to confusion and frustration. 

Digital screens installed in receptions can be used to make the wait times less frustrating for visitors by engaging them with the latest news, shows and important health information. Studies reveal that placing digital screen queue-management information can help in reducing anxiety and also decreases the perceived wait time by up to 35 percent.

Helping with Wayfinding and Navigation: 

Be it a patient or a random visitor, getting around a large and complex facility like a hospital, can be complicated, irritating, and stressful. To make it simple, wayfinding refers to the information systems that help visitors navigate their way around a physical environment and improve their comprehension and understanding of a facility. 

An interactive digital wayfinding signs system can give your patients and visitors a better sense of well-being, safety, and security in a highly-stressful hospital environment. With the help of interactive and detailed digital maps, patients and guests will be able to travel to their location faster without any hassles.  

Education and Awareness: 

To be honest, nobody really wants to be lectured about their health care, especially if they are already in the hospital. However, as someone dealing in healthcare, it is kind of your moral responsibility to educate everyone and raise awareness about growing health concerns. 

Digital signage solutions can be utilised to feed patients and visitors useful,and instructional content in a more interactive and engaging way. These digital panels can also be used to provide reassurance about the number of patients admitted, or offer feel-good information such as number of babies born today and more. This will make them feel like they’re part of a community, and will also reduce stress in the wings.

Digital Signage for Hospitals With BlinkSigns 

At, BlinkSigns we understand the complex environments of healthcare institutions. We provide friendly and interactive digital signage that benefits your team and your patients. For more information on healthcare signage, reach out to our team!