Aluminum is the most popular metal when it comes to signage. Mainly because of its durability combined with the overall professional look it gives to the signs.

Now that aluminum is mainstreamed, it’s also important for you to know about the different types of aluminum. As it gets easier for you to make a quick choice between them, you get to choose from standard aluminum, brushed aluminum and reflective aluminum as per your business requirement. We’ve elaborated on their characteristics below:

Standard Aluminum Business Signs

This is the least expensive signage among other signage options. Standard aluminum building signs are known for their durability and simplicity. You would have noticed that regular aluminum tends to be a bit glossy, however, a matte finishing is required for printing purposes.

To achieve a matte finish, all the standard custom aluminum signs get a coil coated white paint on both sides. This makes it easier to print all the images and designs directly on the surface of the aluminum. This allows you complete freedom to play around with different colors and designs.

The overall feedback of these signs is that they’re really lightweight, affordable, and portable at the same time. Shop custom outdoor signs with BlinkSigns.

Brushed Aluminum Building Signs

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing options, look out for brushed aluminum signage. Brushed aluminum signs are pretty similar to the regular aluminum signs. However, this one would be slightly thicker than the standard aluminum business signs. This sign option is weather-resistant, therefore sounds really attractive to many.

In comparison to standard aluminum, brushed aluminum is not pre-painted white. Instead, the natural aluminum is brushed white creating a matte aluminum look. If you take good care of the brushed aluminum signage, it can last longer than 5 years. Now that’s quite something.

But what are the best locations to display brushed aluminum signs, you ask? Well, they work very well for lobbies and can be used as directional and wayfinding signage. If you are looking for decent yet impressive options, you need to look out for this one.

Reflective Outdoor Aluminum Signs

As the name suggests, this allows for additional visibility in the dark because of its reflective properties. The construction is pretty similar to other aluminum signs (two sheets joined by polyethylene core). The design, however, would be printed on a reflective vinyl overlay adhered to the surface of aluminum.

You’d find reflective outdoor aluminum signs typically in a parking lot, as roadside directional signage or as a business safety sign. These are the best choice when it comes to external signage options.

All three of these signage types have specific characteristics that set them apart from others. Regular aluminum signs are a good use for parking lots, construction signs and home use. You might consider brushed aluminum for professional use. Reflective aluminum signs can be put to good use by displaying them as outdoor signs. When you know the potential of each signage you know how it’s going to be effective for your business. We hope that you realize the potential of aluminum signs and put them to good use according to your business requirements. If you’re looking for other options like non-illuminated signs, or outdoor pole signs, you can also find them here.

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