How 3D Signs Are Used

Signage has changed trends rapidly in the last decade with the addition of things like 3D signs. We’ve moved to digital and illuminated signs for our signage needs. There are quite a few illuminated signs that fall under 3D signs. But there’s a wide variety, which makes it difficult to choose the right one. So, we’ve gathered exterior and interior signage types that belong to the 3D signage category.

What are 3D Signs?

3-Dimensional or 3D signs are used to add depth to your signs. What started as a type of exterior signage has now become usable in all types of signage. You can customize the shape, size, font, and even coloring of a 3D sign.

Types of 3 Dimensional Signs

Non-Illuminated 3-Dimensional Signs

Non-illuminated signs are your go-to signage type when you need a classic, timeless look for your outdoor sign. These signs offer a 3D look with the help of individually cut letters and logos. What makes them different from other 3D signage is the variety of materials used to make non-illuminated rather than bright, shining lights.

Non-illuminated signs are also known as:

  • 3D sign letters and logos
  • Outdoor dimensional lettering
  • Metal sign letters
  • Acrylic sign lettering

Embedded LED 3D Signage

Embedded LED signs are a mix of LED and 3D signs. This mixture makes it the best choice for an eye-catching signage type. You can use embedded LED 3D signs as both interior and exterior signage. They also come in a variety of styles, like:

  • Neon effect
  • Metal facing
  • Wood effect

Embedded LED signs are also known as:

  • Indoor LED signs
  • Acrylic lit letters
  • Internally lit embedded letters
  • Electronic signs
  • LED displays

You can use embedded LED signs outdoors to attract the attention of pedestrians with the hollow design of 3D signage and lighting for an LED effect. For interiors, you can use embedded LED signs to display your customized messages.

3D Lettering Signage, AKA Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are the original 3D signage type. They are made from different materials to give a customizable 3D look. They can also be given a lit or unlit look. You can get in touch with BlinkSigns to discuss your options in dimensional letters from:

  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Bronze
  • Foam
  • PVC

Dimensional letters are also commonly known as 3D or dimensional lettering.

Channel Letter 3D Signs

Channel letters are the front-runners when it comes to displaying your business’s name outside. Channel letter signs use high-quality LED lights to spell out your brand’s name. Channel letters for the outdoors use aluminum. You can choose different styles of channel letters by just changing the thickness of the letters. Channel letters are either front-lit, front/backlit, or reverse-lit and are mounted on a raceway or flush with a wall. They are commonly known as:

  • Neon letter signs
  • Channel lettering
  • Glow letters

3D signs are a great choice for your business signage. Here at BlinkSigns, we cater to all your business’s 3D signage needs and more. You can call us for a consultation or check out our gallery . Order 3D exterior signs for your business today!