Advertising your business is a necessity. No matter which industry you’re a part of, you constantly require new ways to outdo your competition. However, sometimes the simplest solution is elusive to the eye. One such example is using different types of building signs. For years now, their usage has proven beneficial in getting any business noticed.

We, at BlinkSigns, provide 360° signage solutions to different businesses in various industries. So, at times, we encounter clients who don’t have any idea which types of signage will work for their business and which ones will not.

Businesses Use Many Types of Signs 

Various kinds of signage are being used today. But, mainly you can divide them into two classes: Interior Signs and Exterior Signs. If we delve into the depths of signs and their placements, the information will be too much to digest. 

That’s why, in today’s article, we are explaining only 4 types of signs that are found on office buildings or outside a place of business.

Four Common Types of Signage Used Outside

A buildings’ exterior is an opportunity to advertise your business without any special effort. A one-time expense to gain public attention for years to come. So, everybody tries their best to stand out from the crowd using the following exterior signs.

  1. Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signage might be one of the most common types of exterior signs you will come across in current times. As the name cabinet sign suggests, it’s a form of signage that looks like a closed box, often rectangular. However, you can always engage a signage solutions firm to get customized exterior signs for your business.  

Cabinet signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated. But, in case your business demands 24/7 usage, then we recommend that you get an illuminated sign. As illuminated cabinet signage will be visible to your potential customers even at night. 

Now, moving on to the next one in the list of different types of signage you can find on building exteriors.

  1. Channel Letters

It’s not rocket science to figure out that Channel Letter signage is a way to spell out your business name and put it on display for the world to see. Usually made out of aluminum, The best example of this type of signage can be seen on Verizon store buildings.

  1. Awnings

Awnings also referred to as Commercial Awnings, are attached to the exterior of a building to provide shade. Often restaurants benefit from installing these awnings to provide their customers with an option of dining in the open. So, putting up signage on the face of these awnings gives your brand recognition, while the awning itself can boost sales depending on the weather outside.

  1. Blade Signs

Imagine someone is walking by your cafe or boutique but they don’t notice your cabinet sign up top. What can you do? 

You can get a blade sign, again one of many kinds of signage, which is installed perpendicular to the building. Allowing visibility of your brand and business to all potential customers in the vicinity.

Pubs and taverns often make use of such exterior blade signs to attract customers. 

Engage the Right Signage Solution For You

We have covered four common types of building signs for you to understand and decide which signage is best for your business. As BlinkSigns pride itself in bringing you a complete solution for all kinds of signage, you may require. So, if need be, get in touch with us for further details. We will take care of everything from site inspection to designing your business signs and installing them.