As the old saying goes “you never get a second chance to make the first impression”, successful business owners realize that the first impression is very critical when it comes to client acquisition and building trust. Many a time, it’s the office lobby that makes the first interaction with the prospective customer providing all the reasons for office managers to ensure that the space looks impressive, practical, and sends the right message.

According to the popular online contractor magazine, an outdated or a tired-looking lobby can have a negative impact on your business. Thankfully, businesses can use indoor signage solutions to improve the look of appearance of their lobbies and enhance their ambiance. At BlinkSigns, we provide a wide range of custom lobby signs to help businesses make a powerful first impression. In this article, we are listing down 4 benefits of investing in lobby signs.

  1.   Make consumers feel comfortable and welcome

In today’s highly competitive business world, customers and clients often get overwhelmed with businesses, figuratively fighting over them. This often gets very exhausting. Pleasing and soothing lobby signs can make a positive first impression by making customers feel comfortable which certainly is difficult to accomplish with barren walls. Lobby Signs in your reception areas can provide a warm and welcoming environment and also help your brand stand out from the crowd.  

  1.   Display your Brand Value

Lobby signs are the perfect tool to let your first-time guests know who you are, what you do, and what your brand’s story is. A lot of leading businesses use lobby signs to display slogans, mottos, company logos and some even use the opportunity to advertise their products and service. This is a unique branding opportunity that you can use to reinforce what your business is all about.

  1.   Help Visitors With Wayfinding:

Lobby Signs are also used as wayfinding guidance tools to help visitors get around your facility. As a guest walks into your lobby, these signs can be used to tell visitors where the restrooms are, where the elevators are located, and where they can meet the concerned person. A part of customer experience is to not leave your customers stranded and help them get around your facility.  

  1.   Display Your Awards and Accolades

Displaying the awards and accolades that you have achieved over the year helps you make a strong impact. It also builds trust and confidence. Don’t be shy to showcase your accomplishments and with lobby signs you can display them in a unique way that can spark conversations with visiting clients.

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