Universities and colleges everywhere are growing in size and going digital with signage on campus. A variety of digital signage solutions from digital posters to multipurpose HD video walls are being used to direct, inform, engage and excite students, teachers, and visitors.

Here’s a look at all the places where digital signage is being used on campus:

Directions and Wayfinding

College campuses can become mazes for students and visitors with dozens of buildings and endlessly confusing corridors. That’s why on campus digital directional signage is helpful for wayfinding both inside and outside the campus.

Super bright, daylight-readable displays located at decision points outside can provide mapping and notifications at:

  • Pedestrian gates
  • Parking garages
  • Transit stations

Digital signage, however, isn’t limited to the outdoors. On the inside, interactive touchscreen totems located in lobbies mimic smartphone apps and provide directions as well as room directories. Some educational institutes place interactive maps near entrances to get people on their way quickly. That’s the flexibility with new-age digital signage, it goes anywhere with everywhere.


Digital Signage has permeated into daily student life with their presence in living quarters. They’re used for relaying general information and day to day communication.

Digital signage poster displays are being used in dormitories, common rooms, other gathering points for the promotion of special events and services, and at ticketing offices. They can also function as the modern-day version of student bulletin boards at all the points where students gather during their off time.

Libraries and Laboratories

On campus, the libraries and laboratories can use the same kind of smart displays for wayfinding, bulletin boards for class schedules, as check-out counters, as well as video walls for achievements or the latest conferences and educational seminars.

These specific events related news can help students focus on the upcoming news and events. And there can be separate news for sports at leisure centers as well.

Classrooms and Offices

Everything from interactive displays to narrow-bezel LCD video walls and fine pixel pitch LED display walls is being used in lecture halls and classrooms to provide big visual canvases for teaching and collaboration. These setups can provide both staff and students the ability to project all types of content, and provide crystal-clear resolutions for easier viewing.

Event Halls, Arenas and Leisure Areas

Signage throughout sports and event venues, as well as alumni centers and museums, inform and engage fans. There are practical uses like menu boards at concession stands as well as wayfinding to locate seating, VIP suites, and restrooms. But colleges are also using large-format LED screens and video walls to welcome and excite fans at the entrances and in the concourses.

Furthermore, alumni centers are using video walls and interactive information stations to recognize significant donors, celebrate great athletes, and commemorate important historical moments.

Other than putting up digital displays at only specific places, there can be video walls or a bulletin board set up at the start of buildings. Entrances can be updated about recurring news on campus and changes in schedules, emergency situations, and any new activities coming up.

Digital signage isn’t about businesses and brand promotions, it’s everywhere now and a dynamic view of things on campus can cut-down inconsistency of news for the students as well as the faculty.