The pylon is the iconic highway marketing sign of the United States. It is world famous for guiding consumers to businesses and providing directions as well as information to motorists. Whether mounted to tall poles or in between two poles, this signage solution is highly visible and among the most successful marketing and branding tools that a company or mall management group can commission. What are your options?

Single-business Pylon Signs for Cleveland Companies

Everyone knows the famous McDonald’s golden arches that are mounted to poles and beckon to hungry motorists from miles away. This exterior signage product is no longer confined just to the famous fast food restaurant. All types of businesses are now looking to pole-mounted box cabinet signs to be seen from far away.

In some settings, this is the only sign that truly helps to market and brand a company. When there is no direct street exposure of the business – this is frequently the case with businesses located near highway overpasses or in the rear of business parks that face away from the street – the pole sign attracts attention. The display of the logo and company name creates name recognition but also assists with wayfinding for the consumer who wants to do business with the company.

Multi-panel Pole Signage

You most commonly find this setup in shopping centers. Multi-panel pole signs in Cleveland present with installation options for multiple panels as well as an access panel that regulates the lighting feature for the entire marker. Some management companies allow businesses to display their company names in their individual colors and fonts. Others prefer a more uniform look on panels of identical sizes and imprinted with identical fonts. Both display options have merit.

These pylon signs signal to consumers that the stores or service establishments that they are looking for are found in a particular mall or shopping center. Usually, these pole signs are near parking lot entryways, which makes it easy for motorists to locate the companies they seek. Local officials frequently regulate the height of these signs. Our signage experts know the intricacies of the local requirements and handle the permitting process from start to finish.

Commissioning Your Signage Today

Work with the professionals at Blink Marketing & Signs to create a pylon sign look that serves your business well. The added exposure is sure to result in new visitors who quickly become customers. Moreover, we handle the design and installation, which ensures safety of the marker and an attractive look that fits into the area where you are doing business.

Remember that pole signs are not just for gas stations or fast food restaurants any longer. Industrial complexes, art supply stores, hotels and shopping plazas now use this technology to attract the attention of shoppers. We work with you to get the design right – one pole or two? – and create a colorful display that bespeaks your brand.

For a mall setting, we also handle the addition of new panels for stores that are moving into the venue. If you already have a pylon on your property and are unsure whether you want to continue using it, invite us out for a site survey. We can tell you if this sign is a good candidate for a refurbishing.