Entrepreneurs & marketers agree to the fact that signage is one of the most powerful marketing tools that can do wonders for any business. However, buying signage is a complicated process and often requires substantial investment.  At BlinkSigns, we are dedicated to make the signage process easy for our clients and save them from unnecessary hassle. We work closely with our clients, especially with first-time signage buyers, to address their concerns and guide them through the process.

In today’s post, our experts answer some of the most recurring questions often asked by first-time signage buyers that will provide you a basic understanding of the signage process. 

What Type of Sign Should I Choose?

Choosing the right signage solution for your business involves a lot of variables. However, the first and foremost thing to consider when choosing a sign is to determine what exactly you want to achieve and what functions you want your signage to perform. While different signage performs different purposes, the basic four functions of signs are Communication, Advertisement, Identification & Wayfinding. Your bespoke signage solution may include just one particular type of sign or a combination of two or three types of signs. 

What is the Cost of Signage?

This is again subjective to the type of sign you select. At BlinkSigns, we ask our clients about their budget and then create a bespoke signage solution that caters to their needs and provides the best returns against the money they spent. You can consult our experts and get a free quote.

What permits are required to install Signage at my Location? 

Every town and municipality has provided its own set of guidelines for signage that you must follow. The permitting can often be a sticky process and varies from city to city. As a full-service signage firm, BlinkSigns provides end-to-end solutions. We cater to all the permitting needs, check for local requirements, and get approval for the installation process.

Do I require Post Installation Support & Services?

Yes, every signage needs care and maintenance. Proactively maintained signs and displays last for years. Moreover, you also need to update the content of signs as without fresh content, your sign will stale. When choosing a signage agency, getting an iconic sign should not be your end goal. Consider partnering up with an agency that caters to your long-term needs. It’s wise to have a prior understanding with your signage agency about the post-installation support and maintenance.

What Should I look for in a Signage Company?

Choosing the right signage company can also be tricky. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a signage partner.

  •         Rich and diverse portfolio
  •         Experience in the local market
  •         Signage experience in your industry
  •         Resources and active in-house team members
  •         Creativity and company’s approach to design and usability

Blink Signs – Your Cleveland Sign Partner 

At Blink SignsCustom Signs are our forte. We go above and beyond for our Cleveland clients and bring everything together to create visually appealing signs that speak volumes about your brand.

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