We are proud to say that BlinkSigns has achieved yet another milestone. Because of the great services that our team provides to our clients, our brand has been recognized as the best signage provider. We have received the “Best of Business” award in the signage category by ISS (Inside Self Storage).

Inside Self Storage is an independent research institute. Their “Best of Business” award is a readers choice poll conducted annually. Voting takes place online on the ISS website and online voters (who are essentially industry professionals) elect their favorite product and service supplier in various categories. For the 2020 season, voting began in March and lasted till May. BlinkSigns was announced as the winner in the signage category and has been featured in the August issue.

This season’s race was pretty competitive considering that the critics, jury members, and voters had increased expectations from signage providers. We are proud to say that our brand exceeded all expectations in key areas that included design, graphics, engineering, customer service, and more.

Self-Storage is a multimillion-dollar industry. Self-storage facilities have helped citizens to keep their additional belongings in an organized system, protected from environmental hazards. The self-storage business is growing at an incredible pace and according to statistics, there is 1.8 billion square feet of rentable self-storage space in the United States. BlinkSigns understands the challenges faced by self-storage and has provided modern signage solutions to self-storage businesses. These solutions resulted in increased productivity, maximum use of storage capacity, and increased ROI. The pricing was competitive and the product quality was unparalleled. The thing that most surprised the clients was our ability to get the job done perfectly in minimal time.

We are thankful to our clients and critics who voted for us and considered us worthy of the honor. Most of all, we are thankful to Inside Self-Storage. The team at BlinkSigns is proud and motivated to take on new challenges.

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