Located at 7310 Fleet Avenue, the Loving Cup Kids Academy serves infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and pre-kindergarten students. Activities are age-appropriate and include water play, art exposure and the support of gross motor skills. A physical fitness program rounds out the experience of the children. When this childcare facility needed signage that would make it stand out, its management contacted the professionals at BlinkSigns.

Easy-to-see Channel Letters for Childcare Centers in Cleveland, OH

The property features a sizable yard area as well as the required fencing. The setup places the building toward the back. To ensure that would-be customers notice the childcare center, the management needed a sign that would be easy to see and read even for motorists passing the property.

We suggested the use of channel letters, which allow us to adjust the sizing with the traffic speed in front of the venue in mind. The upper row of the letters displays a blue color whereas the bottom row shows off red tones. It is now easy for drivers and passersby to take in the information. As a result, the building’s location on the property no longer presents a marketing problem.

Relying on Signage to Catch the Eye

When your business property is tucked into an area that may not be that easy to see from the street, or you have set up a storefront in a business park, it may be necessary to go big on the signage. You have multiple options available to you.

  • Channel letters. Illuminated channel letters are the most eye-catching solution for a building that does not stand out based on its location. We adjust the size of the letters with the traffic speed in mind. This ensures easy legibility for motorists. The illumination turns the letters into beacons after dark.
  • Dimensional letters. When you want to go with spotlight illumination, it is possible to select dimensional letters instead of channel letters. Doing so gives you the advantage of creating a three-dimensional display that, when lit properly, presents with a dramatic effect.
  • Monument sign. When your property is not visible from the street at all, you can still reel in the foot traffic with a monument sign. This custom exterior sign should include a highly visible facing that features an arrow pointing toward your location. We recommend the use of a box cabinet for the best results.

Secondary Signage Brings in Foot Traffic

Supporting your primary building sign with secondary products results in a significant increase in attention by consumers. Flags, window graphics or floor graphics are just some of the suggested products. When you have a fence that surrounds the property, we can create a banner that catches the eye of passersby and announces your company’s name and service options. To bring in foot traffic, consider the display of A-frame signs that repeat your marketing information and set up at regular intervals.

Whether you need channel letters for childcare centers in Cleveland, OH, other building signage for companies in the surrounding areas, or a different signage solution altogether, contact our graphic artists. We can help you with the design, manufacture, and installation of a broad range of products.