The professionals at Blink Marketing & Signs frequently get questions about how to get a sign permit in Cleveland. Since we have excellent working relationships with local government officials as well as an in-depth knowledge of local zoning codes, we want to take this opportunity to answer some of the most commonly asked questions

Q: Do I need a permit for a building sign?

A: Yes, you do. Ohio law specifies that the commissioner must issue permits for any signage product that is displayed on the exterior of your business. This includes outdoor signage solutions like freestanding signs as well as those that are attached to a building or other structure.

Q: How detailed is the application process?

A: This is not the time to omit information or forget the attachment of specific graphics. Officials only accept applications for review that present with scale drawings as well as descriptive data that meets the requirements of the government. In addition, adherence to local building codes is a necessity.

Q: Does the permit cover my signage setup in perpetuity?

A: It is interesting to note that an Ohio sign permit is provisional. Officials reserve the right to withdraw the permit if the sign presents a hazard to safety at some point. This may be the case when a sign ages and the business does not keep up with standard maintenance or needed repairs.  

Q: Are all sign designs approved?

  A: No, they are not. The commissioner reserves the right to reject signage that mimics highway markers or obstructs the view of traffic. In addition, there are also restrictions to building attachments where they conflict with emergency exit operations. Next, there are considerations with respect to wind pressures. Last but not least, there are sizing restrictions as well as combustibility rules.  

Q: This sounds confusing. I think I am in over my head.

A: Do not worry! Our professionals help with the initial drawings and designs, provide you with knowledge-based input on the right sizing and mounting location selection, and then put together the artwork. We handle the site surveys and undertake the permitting process on your behalf. In addition, we get the needed permission from your building’s management company to put up the sign.

Q: Is this a long process?

A: Actually, it is not. Since we know how to prepare a sign permit application for Cleveland, this is actually the easiest part of the process. It only takes a bit of time if the commissioner’s office is backed up with other applications currently in the works. Once we have the go-ahead, we quickly manufacture and then install the finished product. Since all these processes take place in-house, there is no waiting for sub contractors and other professionals to get the work done.  

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact our signage professionals today a for site evaluation and client consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and learning more about the vision you have for your signage product. Next, we sketch out the proposed look to ensure that you and our technicians are on the same page. When we are confident that we have captured your vision, we undertake the site survey, permitting process and see the project through to the final installation.