Is there something out there that attracts you? Is it a move, a job, traveling? We all look for something in our life that attracts us in a way. The search becomes easier when there are signs that guide us. How about the ones that exist like the cool ones outside every business?

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are exterior signs that use 3D letters to spell out your business. Unlike other signs, each letter is an individual structure which creates a stylish image of your business. Channel letters work well as exterior displays. They can be lit from multiple angles to give an appealing look, so more customers can be pulled in to your business.

Why Channel Letters Are Helpful:

Channel letters are the holy grail of attracting customers. They stand out by being:

  • The first thing people see when they walk by your business
  • The 3D and lit letters stand out at night
  • They symbolize your brand

Channel letters are becoming popular in every industry. They allow a lot of creative freedom for all kinds of businesses that have site offices and setups. Plus, with new advancements, channel letters are also the most environmentally friendly signs.

We’ve made some solid claims about how cool channel letters are. But we’ve proof of their high-lit coolness, so let’s talk about how channel letters are what they claim to be:

How Channel Letters Are Made:

A channel letter is made from aluminum for outdoor signage because of the size of display letters. For inside signage, thickness varies which can be made from plastic, wood or LED wiring. Sizing also matters. Each letter is made of acrylic unless you want a hollow, open-face design. Then there are 3D channel letters that use LEDs for illumination. These types are pleasing to the eye and hard to miss at night.

Newer channel letters are reliable for the environment because they are made with aluminum which does not rust, and LEDs which do not contain any harmful substances. Older channel letters were made from neon tubing which contained mercury and wasn’t safe for the environment.

How Channel Letters Can Be Modified:

Channel letters have a creative advantage over other colorful signage types. You can choose from a variety of fonts, size, and LED colors to create a customized brand name for your business. After designing your channel letter, there are some options for channel letter placements. Channel letters can be:

  • Mounted on a metal panel, giving space from the exterior wall
  • Each letter separately and directly mounted on the exterior wall

Another option can be an LED strip, mounted directed on the wall for a simple look. This is useful when you’re testing out signage for your business.

Types of Channel Letters:

With all this talk of channel letters, let’s see all the types of channel letters that you can choose from:

  • Halo-Lit 3D Channel Letters
  • Open-Faced 3D Channel Letters
  • Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

Channel letters are the fun type of signage. Go through our gallery at BlinkSigns to choose from a variety of options for your channel letters. You can also get in touch with us to have your own type of channel letters made