When you prefer a beauty salon that is big on personal attention, high-quality products and creativity, you are undoubtedly familiar with the Studio Luxe Salon at 4294 Kent Road. This establishment’s team also practices advanced methods of Sahag dry cutting and Ouidad curling. When the…

Channel Letters for Beauty Salons in Stow OH

After consulting with the team, we designed, manufactured and installed a set of channel letters. They present with a green facing, which beautifully contrasts the red brickwork of the façade. Mounted to a white fascia board with the help of a raceway, the building sign now welcomes new and established clients to the salon. In addition, a smaller white sign displays dark lettering that highlights a niche explanation. This combination succeeds in branding the Studio Luxe Salon as a venue that offers fantastic haircuts alongside a spa and tanning experience.

Recognizing the Importance of Branding with Building Signs

Expressing the corporate personality of a business is not an easy task. That said, it is one of vital importance. Consider that the branding message explains to the consumer what the company will do – and how. For a salon, where plenty of competition is usually nearby, it is imperative to show how this enterprise stands out from others in the same niche. Answering the consumer why choosing this venue makes more sense than going to the one down the street calls for a quick buy-in.

Signage makes it possible to create this connection succinctly.

  • Color choice. Choosing the right color makes a big difference in the way a potential customer perceives your company. Green, as selected by the salon, suggests a welcoming venue. You might choose other colors that are in keeping with your corporate logo and your branding message.
  • Signage design. Channel letters are suitable for the company that likes to brand with its font selection. Standing out in this manner is a snap. Other companies like to highlight professional affiliations and, therefore, choose box cabinets that allow plenty of display space for this information.
  • Complementary signage presentation. Astute marketers understand that one sign rarely tells the full story. For the Studio Luxe Salon, a smaller sign right underneath the main setup offers more information. Other companies deepen their branding messages with the use of secondary signage products such as window graphics or A-frame signage.

Talking through Your Order of Channel Letters for Stow, OH, Businesses

Whether you run a salon, a manufacturing plant or a law firm, the right signage on your building’s façade makes a world of difference. Communicating your brand effectively and quickly is possible when you select the appropriate product. Contact our signage specialists to discuss your options, even for interior business signs, and learn more about matching products that successfully underscore the message you want clients and customers to pick up on right away.