Your signage acts like a 24/7 salesman for your business. It represents your brand to the outside world and more often than not brings in inquisitive customers. It is one investment, an investment you shouldn’t trust everyone with. At BlinkSigns we often hear questions from our customers about what it takes to make a sign. We’ve listed some of those questions that you can ask from your custom business signs maker:

1)    Do you have examples of custom signs you have made previously?

This part is relatively easy. Why? Because most top-rated custom business signage makers have websites and online portfolios that you can view before you do business with them. However, it’s always important to meet with the signage company representatives and ask them if they can show you examples of some of the work they’ve done, specifically work done in your particular industry (for example, if your business has an office, you would want to see custom commercial signs for buildings). You will also want to see examples of the specific types of signs that the company makes. If you are looking specifically for custom exterior signs or custom interior signs, the sign maker should be able to provide examples of both.

 2) Can you walk me through your custom signage process?

Getting a walkthrough of the custom signage process is essential, as it gives you a better idea of their expertise, what lengths they will go to cater to your needs, and how interested they are in your feedback. This is especially important for custom signage for businesses. You want to ensure that your signage partner is aware of all of the intricate details of creating business signs.

3) How will I know what the final sign will look like?

The last thing you want is to commit to a design and be disappointed with the quality of the final product. Always ask the custom signage company if they provide mockups of the design. It is important that you have a look at different variations before the final product is delivered to you. Most companies are okay with providing digital mockups, even though they might charge a minimal amount to show hard copies. A good custom signage partner will also help you make adjustments to the sign if the final product is not satisfactory. They should have experience giving appropriate recommendations to remedy the design.

4) How much time will you take to deliver the sign?

Timelines are essential. As a business owner, this is definitely one of your primary concerns. You need to lock down a proper timeline for your signage project. You need to discuss this with the custom business signs maker and ask them for a delivery date of the first mockup and the final sign. Missed deadlines and delivery dates are both a great source of frustration and costly, so it’s best you avoid that by being upfront about the importance of your time.

 5) Who handles the design part?

Does the signage company handle the design elements of the signage as well or are you to provide the design?  Remember, a good sign company will do research on your brand and your site and then suggest a signage type and design that will benefit you and your business the most.

 6)  What maintenance does the sign require?

Let’s be honest here, we’ve seen one too awesome signs go down due to weathering and neglect. The unfortunealtly especially common for custom signs for buildings. You  need to ask the signage company the do’s and don’ts for your sign’s maintenance. Make sure you know how to take care of your sign whether it’s interior or exterior signage. This will help elongate the life of your investment.

We hope we’ve helped you with these questions here! Be wise when choosing a custom business sign maker for your next project.