Building custom signs is not a piece of cake. The process involves certain steps that we think all clients should be aware of. Once you are aware of what goes into building an awesome custom business sign, it will help you to be more cooperative with your sign company. This also shows why it is important to choose the right partner for your custom business sign. Some aspects of the process are listed below:

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Landlord Requirements For Custom Signage

In most cases, your landlord will be particular about sticking to city regulations on sign installation. The best time to discuss custom signs with the landlord is when you’re going over the lease. Ask them all the relevant questions, specifically if you need certain allowances. Questions you need to be asking include:

  • How large can my sign be, and is there a pylon or monument sign I will also be able to advertise on?
  • If channel letters are allowed (or required) can they be flush mounted or do they need to be on a raceway?

City Requirements For Custom Signage:

When we’re building out custom signs – we go about obtaining the required permits from your city. We look into the zoning requirements such as what type of signage is permissible in your zone and etc. This process usually takes us from a few weeks to a month.

Custom Signage Design & Installation:

As soon as we’re over with the permits, the fun part begins. We sit down with you and discuss the kind of business sign you think will best represent your brand. Like any good sign installation company, we advise you on what will work best for you, keeping in mind the restrictions posed by your landlord and city regulations.

What affects the pricing of custom signs?

No two custom signs are the same and hence, their prices can’t be same either. There are plenty of factors including some that we have mentioned above that can affect the pricing of your business sign. Let’s give you a brief overview here:


Well, you may think this is a no-brainer, obviously the bigger the business sign the more it will cost, right? Not exactly. You have to keep in mind that the cost of the sign per
square foot goes up with complexity but down to the actual size. So keep in mind that the more elements you add to your sign- the more expensive it will be.

Design & Complexity

Now the important question is what do we mean by “complexity”? Well, shifting from a sign with fixed letters to one with changeable letters or electronic messaging is one example. Complexity may increase the cost of your business sign, but it also helps increase your sign’s visibility and boosts your branding. Like we mentioned, there are plenty of factors that can affect the cost of your sign and until you request a quote from us, there is no concrete answer to this question

There you go- Now you have some idea of what goes on behind the scenes of building great custom signs.