In 2020, all sorts of enterprises are keen to keep up with new trends in business technology, including multifamily businesses and apartment building. Slowly but surely, property managers have become comfortable with technology and as far as the communication among the resident community is concerned, sleeker digital signage is making its way into these multifamily businesses.

Establishing a stable communication channel is indeed a priority for property managers and traditional outlets are no longer helpful. Digital building signs for multifamily buildings and condominiums has become an integral part of their outreach strategy because they offer vital information about the residential community directly to their target audiences, eliminating printed flyers and endless email notifications.

Communicating with Digital Signage

How do digital signs help property managers in terms of communication? Digital signs can be used for:

  • Displaying updates regarding fire alarm testing, window washing or fan coil maintenance. 
  • Displaying emergency alerts about potential health hazards or weather warnings directly within the property and direct residents to safety quickly.
  • Kiosks that can help residents register complaints and concerns as well as send messages to other residents without direct contact, all while they wait for the elevator
  • Displaying birthday messages for children of the residents or “Get well soon” messages, and also for welcoming newcomers or bidding farewell to leaving residents, etc.

A quick message or alert displayed via digital signage would alleviate the problem of communicating immediately and keep residents aware of the situation without sorting through emails and printing extra amounts of paper for flyers. With digital signs, property managers can reach out to all of their tenants with these updates at once. 

Advertising with Digital Signage

Providing a perfect platform for advertising on your own terms? Sounds good right? Digital signage within the residencies like multifamily buildings or condominiums are often wanted by local businesses for advertisement. In this way, they can share information about discounts or special deals exclusively and generate leads within your residency while you earn profits.

If you would rather keep the messaging strictly within the building, the displays can also advertise your building’s new features like renovated lounge or lobbies and activity spaces. 

Alternatively, you can allow your own residents to use your digital signage as an advertisement platform. By allowing them to post their classified ads about their businesses, products or services you are helping your residents and also making money off of your digital signage.

The possibilities are endless when you combine signage marketing and multifamily industry. At BlinkSigns, we design all types of signs for the multifamily industry. Whether you are looking for traditional signage or you want to give digital signage a shot – our signage experts will help you decide!

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