A perfect trade show booth is like a magnet. It attracts prospective business leads and boosts your brand awareness. Signage plays an important part in the making of a perfect trade show booth, and in improving the overall visibility of it. But with different types of signage available, what is the perfect signage for your trade show booth?

Here’s a list of signage that can amp up the appeal of your trade show booth and drive more business prospects towards you:

1- Pop-Up Displays

Giving an overall look of a three-dimensional display,  pop-up displays come with great elasticity. They can easily be stretched horizontally and vertically.

Creatively assembling a pop-up display can be tricky for some. Here are a few recommended ways to do it:

  • It can be divided into half and two different messages can be displayed on one pop-up display.
  • You can also incorporate a large image on it for product awareness.

2- Step and Repeat Banner

Now, this is one trade show signage item that used by most brands for their booths. It’s a convenient choice due to its low cost, adaptability and easy-to-handle nature.

It’s probably one of the safest signage displays to use, and it can be used in different ways. As this type of signage is versatile, you should play with different ways to assemble it:

  • Think of your best selling product and have it displayed as a backdrop.
  • Use engaging text and strong images for your upcoming products (more like an advertisement)
  • Have your sponsors and partners listed
  • Make sure your brand’s logo stands out in the design

3- Tension Fabric Display

This is one of the top choices of leading professionals. The best feature of the tension fabric display is the elasticity of its cloth, which can be molded according to the aluminum frame. Generally, the overall impression becomes pleasing to the eye.

Another interesting feature of the tension fabric display is that for printing purposes the ink is infused into the fabric to create a clear design on the fabric.

The arrangement of the tension fabric display is one thing that concerns many people. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Engage your audience with brief brand messages. These will be visible due to fine printing and would also help in creating brand awareness
  • Display your upcoming product information and image to create product awareness
  • Use the thin frame of the display to create a partition between booths.

It would be natural for you to have budget and time limitations while setting up a trade show booth. The best option for businesses with budget limitations is the step and repeat banner.Tension fabric displays can be a bit heavy on the pocket, but the visibility they give your brand is pretty promising. Pop Up displays give a stable wall-like appearance and are advisable for people on a big budget.

We hope you have a better idea of trade show signage through this post. Feel free to reach out to us for any type of consultation regarding your business signage. Remember, a good sign company will do research on your brand and your site and then suggest a signage type and design that will benefit you and your business the most, even with digital signs for businesses.