Cabinet signs in Cleveland run the gamut from markers designed for the hospitality sector to those made and installed for the health care and retail industries. Here, we bring you some excellent examples of cabinet signs and the advantages of this signage solution are clear.

  1. Illumination options.
  2. Shape varieties.
  3. Added text displays.
  4. Mounting locations.

Pylon Signs Favor a Cabinet Display

Since increased sizes matter with pylon signs, we always recommend looking to the box cabinet solution first when commissioning this product. For example, Motel 6 and the Quality Inn rely on pylons to bring in weary travelers who are still farther down the highway. Showing off your telltale company colors, lettering and logo display in this manner acts like a beacon to the consumer in search of your business.

Hospitality industry insiders prefer this signage type in a broad range of settings. Although slightly smaller, mall management companies do, too. Remember that the cabinet can take on a broad range of shapes.

For fast food giants such as McDonalds, the cabinet’s combination of iconic colors and shapes brings in the foot traffic. Placed onto a shorter pylon, the sign hails motorists driving past as well as those who are just turning onto the street. The ability to manipulate the height of the pylon is instrumental in this setting.

Secondary Signage Solution for Facades

When your primary signage solution is a channel letter setup, you sometimes run into trouble when it comes time to displaying the logo. When the lettering cannot be shaped according to your design needs, the addition of a cabinet sign makes sense. The same is true for niche explanations. An example might be an eatery, which often requires a cabinet to display their niche information.

Monument Sign Facings that Offer Additional Information

Another great use for lightbox cabinet signs in Cleveland is the combination with a monument sign. This type of marker assists motorists with wayfinding. It also helps a business to stand out and market its location even if the building itself is situated away from the road.

Facing options for a monument sign include channel and dimensional letters. The installation of a cabinet makes it possible to not just display the company’s name and logo, but also to provide niche information, list professional affiliations and even post contact information for consumers who arrive after hours. A great example is the monument commissioned by Trojan Storage.

At BlinkSigns, our graphic artists are familiar with the broad range of applications that make cabinet signage and custom outdoor signs so useful for the business community. If you have been thinking of adding a new building sign, upgrading your current signage setup or even enhancing your visibility with a pylon, contact us for more information. We can show you how a cabinet sign can significantly enhance the visual aesthetics of your location and provide additional must-know facts to the consumer who passes your venue. We work with you to discover the right shape, size and color setup. Call us today to get started on your order.