Your tenants may be both literally and figuratively lost without interior signage on your property.  Exterior signage for your self-storage is even more critical than that. You need your customers, which means you need to advertise. Renting your available space is the goal.

LED-based Electronic Message Center (EMC) is one good option you must consider.

How do they work

LED EMC signs, is referenced as the most hardworking employees any company can have. No vacations, no weekends. They’re promoting your businesses nonstop.

You can count on your EMC billboard to display text, pictures, and videos. No better option than giving a loud and clear CTA.  You can program them through easy-to-use software. They’re quite impossible to miss out.
EMC signs are laser accurate when it comes to targeting your customers. Your potential customers would be people living near your location. An EMC  knocks on the windshield of every vehicle with loud and clear messages. Here’s a list of short and crisp pairings you can come up with:

  • We’re here to meet your self storage needs
  • Make self-storage your priority
  • We’re here to take care of your self-storage needs

Another reason to prefer electronic boards is that you can change the message on them. EMC Signs are cool like that. If one message doesn’t appeal the customer, the next one will. You can also promote community spirit through these signs.

Other Signage Options

There’s no reason for you to rely on one medium of advertising. EMC signs may work out well for you. You can always switch between traditional exterior signs and small interior signs.

Internally illuminated box signs or custom LED business signs are options you must consider. Long-lasting LEDs are another option you should consider. Many city and governments don’t allow internally lit signs in their premises. In this case, you must consider the other most visible alternatives.  

Create memorable and informative signs that would act as a  guide for your customers. The good news is that BlinkSigns deals with some of the best LED EMC signs. Here take a look.