Signage is important in all firms, no matter their industry. Hospital or medical center signs are no exception either. We’d say they are rather more critical than in any other field. As people’s lives can depend on the readability and visibility of the medical clinic signs in emergency situations.

That’s why BlinkSigns provides complete hospital and medical clinic signs solutions. So, hospitals and their associated health centers don’t have to worry about patients’ ability to find their facilities.

In this article, we will discuss various hospital and medical office signs and prints that are necessary for all treatment centers.

Some signages are required outside, while some are placed inside the health organizations. So, we will start with exterior medical signage and then talk about the signs found inside.

Important Signs Outside Hospitals or Medical Clinics

Usually, ambulance drivers and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) can coordinate through dedicated channels to locate hospitals in their vicinity. However, not everyone comes to a medical center in an ambulance.

For instance, if someone’s driving and suddenly starts feeling sick, they will try to go on the hunt themselves. That’s why it’s important to have:

Exterior Pylon Medical Signs

If you put up a pylon medical signage next to your health center, it will be easy for everyone to spot your location even from a distance and get immediate help for their condition. A quick diagnosis and timely treatment of any ailment are what save their lives.

Even digital pylon signs can be used to give any crucial information or timely updates regarding your medical center. For example, letting people know if you’re taking in emergency patients or not. Saving them time by moving onto another clinic or hospital without stopping to ask someone at reception.

Outdoor Directional Signages

Not every hospital and medical center sign promotes your brand. Some of these assist people to find their way outside the complex. Again, if someone is driving around not knowing where to park their car or enter the building, then time will be lost in this hassle.

Large Format Building Banners & Prints

Now, a healthcare provider depends highly on its branding. A positive reputation brings in revenue and further establishes trust between the patients, hospital, and facilities. But, you will need to advertise your strengths somehow. This is where large format building banners come into play.

Such banners or prints are used to convey messages on special health-related occasions like Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Nurses Day. Letting people know that your organization cares. Displaying recent awards and accolades is also a great way of using large format banners.

Necessary Interior Medical Center Signs

Once a patient or their family member is inside the building, they will need to navigate to the right department. But, this will be impossible without proper:

Interior Directional Signage

There are tons of departments within a hospital i.e Emergency, Orthopaedics, etc. Even though medical clinics are smaller in comparison, they have different departments  and offices as well. So, it’s crucial to have directional or wayfinding medical interior signage to help patients and their families.

Otherwise, under duress, patients and the family member(s) accompanying them get even more disturbed. Make their experience as simple as possible by deploying directional signs that are easy to read and understand.

Room or Office Signs

Medical office signs are another important aspect of keeping everything in order. Hospital staff, patients, and other visitors are all looking to talk or consult with doctors. Now, if a doctor’s office doesn’t have any sign indicating that it’s their office, how will you find them?

So, clearly visible and easily readable medical office signs are again a necessity for hospitals and clinics.

Large Format Banner Prints for Indoors

Yes, big banners are not exclusive to the outdoors. Their indoor use is possible and already incorporated in many health organizations. Either use prints for branding or relaying other useful information, it all depends on your hospital’s or medical clinic’s requirements.

Need Help Deciding What Signs You Require

The Blink team is here to help you with all your medical signage needs. We have worked with many healthcare organizations in the past and successfully set up their building signs. Consult us to get a better understanding of what hospital or medical center signs you require.