Banks are amongst the most boring places that we have to visit every now and then. In all honesty, no one would enjoy spending 2-3 hours in a bank. 

So why are bank branches so boring and intimidating? Well, the reason is very obvious, it’s the environment of bank branches that is very formal, dull, and dreary; something that definitely doesn’t resonate with younger customers i.e. Millennials and Zoomers.

Time to Reinvent the Branch:

With the rise of online banking, bank branches now receive a lot less foot traffic than used to have some 10 years ago. However, bank branches still remain relevant. The studies have revealed that a large portion of the population including Zoomers and millennials still visit branches regularly.

As with businesses in any other industry, customer experience is critical in banking as well. Unfortunately, many banks are investing their resources only in improving their online services. While that obviously is a great thing, leading bank experts believe that bank branches remain relevant as ever and banks must take all necessary steps to improve IN-BRANCH customer experiences.

However, bringing life to a bank’s dry environment can be a really daunting task. Thankfully, modern digital signage solutions can help banks make the visitor experience more fulfilling for customers and make the branches more welcoming.

At BlinkSigns, we help banks and financial institutions improve the guest experience and increase the productivity of their staff with interactive digital signage. In this article, we are providing a brief overview of how digital signs can impact the in-branch customer experience.

Attract and Sell

Strategically placed and carefully designed digital displays are a great tool to grab the attention of passers-by. Banks can also capitalize on these technologies to market their products and services and attract new customers. Leading banks are already using these technologies and they have proved to be of great advantage. ATM signs and other outdoor bank digital displays are very effective in communicating your vision and ideology.

Self Service – Empower Your Customer

Self-service banking is on the rise. Self-service tools such as ATMs and mobile banking apps have already pretty much eliminated the need of visiting bank branches frequently. Most American’s visit braches for routine tasks that include cash deposits, bill payments, and loan information. Kiosks and other digital display tools have become increasingly popular in settings like banks, hospitals, and hotels as they cut the waiting time and allow customers with basic queries to help themselves.

Automation Increases Employee Productivity

Digital signage means automation which is beneficial in a lot of ways. Not only it saves customers from the agonizing wait times but also helps the banking staff spend more time resolving critical requests. Self-service digital boards optimize productivity as bank employees will be saved from spending time on mundane queries that customers can resolve themselves with these self-service tools.

Interactive Interior Signs – Keep ’em Engaged

Our eyes are always wandering around while we are waiting to be attended. They crave content and interior digital signs can help you feed relevant and informative content to customers. Leading banks are using digital screens to provide information on stock markets, interest rates, exchange rates, and more. These interactive screens generate a positive impression that the bank is modern and helpful.

Bank Signs with Blink Signs

At blink signs, we provide creative signage solutions to banks and financial intuitions.  Our team of imaginative individuals offers original and thoughtful signage solutions to its clients.