Interactive exterior digital signage is booming. Just walk into a busy street and high definition videos will hypnotize you. They’re everywhere: retail shops, museums, offices, banks, schools, you name it. On top of that, they’re becoming interactive, which is an additional incentive for engaging customers.

What is digital signage? 

Displays with digital content. Simple! 

It has a funny acronym, DOOH, which stands for “digital out of home advertising.” Visual content is everywhere now. Banks, airports, shopping malls, even companies are installing digital platforms to make offices more welcoming. 

What is interactive digital signage? 

Digital signage engages onlookers by letting them interact with the screen. Yes, this is far more effective than passive staring at the visual board. Companies just love how these ads perform. They are well aware of this cultural shift in marketing and the spectacular ROI it generates. This is the next front of digital marketing. 

What is so special about interactive digital signage? 

The control it offers businesses is almost unheard of. Imagine an ad of your product playing at a busy shopping mall, you’ll get to see the reactions of viewers, live. You’ll have full control of its timing and content. So based on how people interact with your ad, you could change it in real-time.

What should businesses focus on while putting up interactive digital signage? 

Engagement. All your marketing efforts should focus on getting customers engaged. Think of it as offering a large smartphone. People will expect it to behave like one, so oblige them.

Besides, when people interact with an ad, they’re more likely to retain its information. With interactive ads, your digital message stays in your customer’s mind longer.

Which businesses are using interactive digital signage? 

There is hardly any industry that doesn’t use it. In healthcare, electronics, fashion, aviation, food and restaurants, interactive digital signage is prevalent. 

Shopping malls are readily replacing backlit floor plans with digital screens. A promo keeps playing in a loop on high-definition OLED (organic liquid emitting diode), reminding customers about your promotions and features.

Car dealerships offer customers digital platforms so they could swipe through car offers. It’s a win-win situation; the customers get detailed information in a short time and the car dealers get to showcase the best they’ve got.

Isn’t digital signage expensive? 

When you consider the benefits it is much cheaper. As a business, you don’t have to hire brand ambassadors. The digital ads, especially the interactive digital signage, act as your silent salesmen. 

Where are we headed? 

The scene from the film Back to the Future 2 comes to mind where a holographic shark eats the protagonist, Marty McFly. We are seeing trailers of what the future would look like. Companies are installing virtual change rooms, interactive kiosks, and state of the art OLED’s in their stores. Soon, interactive digital signage will become indispensable for competing and driving revenues.