As far as brand strategy is concerned, do you think you’re using the correct approach to position yourself in the market or industry? With the commercial environment changing, many companies are shifting their marketing efforts online. But there is danger in abandoning the traditional forms of advertising. Your business loses many opportunities when you fail to utilize your brick and mortar location and signage.

For any business, signage is an essential part of the marketing and sales strategy. Even with the transition to the world of digital advertising, companies still have to rely on physical signage to help bring in customers. For any business, be it local or national, signage is an important marketing strategy for both branding and advertising.

Your on-site branding is all about how you speak out to your clients during an event. Strong event branding starts from your logo to the way you write your social media posts. The on-site experience is vital to building an outstanding brand.

Why? A captivated audience gives an opportunity to engross people in your brand. So, how do we create a brand experience that is more than just slapping your logo all over the walls of the venue? Here are a few tips from us to help you create a stunning on-site brand:

Your first impression is the most important

As soon as your guests enter the venue, they should have the sense of your brand. Consider all the entry points, i.e., the places where most people will interact. These can be the front door, the entryway, or the registration table. These areas are crucial, so investing in them is the key. It’s highly recommended especially if you’re on a limited budget. Prioritize the high-impact points. Don’t fret over placing costly signage at every turn. Signage like banners & wayfinding and directional signage will make a significant impact.

Choose Quality not Quantity

Sure you have to get your logo out there. But do not go around throwing your logo just about everywhere. You want your logo placed prominently throughout the venue, but strategically. It’s all about creating a consistent look throughout the venue. Be polished, not pushy! Here are the key touch points where you can weave your brand look:

Be creative

There is no harm in being a little unique. You can take a break from the traditional signage like banners.  Think about unique ways to attract your guests with your brand. Go for floor decals instead of foam core signs on easels. Or you can go with screen motion graphics rather than printed posters to catch your guests’ eye.

Here are a few other ideas to create a better brand experience:

  • Window or column clings – placed at unexpected areas of the venue
  • Photo Booth – fun, branded backdrop with your signage to give your guests an opportunity to capture the moments

When it comes to on-site branding, keep your game strong. Using events and tradeshows to the fullest to get your brand out there is one more step towards a successful business.