Signage is one of the most important tools in any marketing mix. They drive traffic and establish your brand’s identity across the corners of your locations. With so much at stake, business owners must find ways to grab the maximum out of their signs while keeping expenses manageable.

At BlinkSigns, we provide a wide range of effective signage designs across various industries. In this article, our experts share sign design tips to get the maximum out of your investments.

Sign Design Tips: Consider White Space

 In any type of signage design, it is extremely important to consider all the blank spaces that you are going to leave. Negative space might not appear as something you should really care about but studies have revealed that white spaces are equally important as other factors such as image and text.

They allow the signage design to breathe and also help in drawing greater attention to text and image.  ​

When too much information and imagery is crammed onto signage, it not only makes the information hard to process but also makes the signage kind of look ugly. 

How to Design a Sign with a Compelling Message:

The wording is the most important aspect of any signage design. A lot of businesses struggle with messaging.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Analyze and identify the main message and any auxiliary message you want to send. Studies have revealed that for better and clearer communication, it’s best to send one message at a time.
  2. Carefully choose the typography. For better readability, it’s wise to pick a large bold font that attracts attention and can be read easily for a distance.
  3. Brevity is the key. Concise messages have clarity and are also memorable.

Create a Balance Between Text & Graphics:

Neat and crisp lettering paired with bright colors is the best way to ensure that your signage delivers the right message with the right tone and resonates with the audience. Patterned background and complex imagery might work with interior signs, but when it comes to outdoor signs, you must make it easier for users to find and process the relevant information. To create effective signage, find a sweet balance between the words and images, and it’s best to avoid visual clutter.

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