Hospitals are one of those places that remain busy all the time. They are a beehive of motion and traffic and it would not be wrong to say that healthcare intuitions generally have large, complex and chaotic environments. With sizes ranging from single buildings to sprawling campuses stretching over large amounts of real estate, delivering the right information to the right person at the right time and place is a constant battle for hospital management.

This is what makes signage solutions so crucial for healthcare institutions. As an effective source of information dissemination, hospitals have for long been using signage solutions for effective internal and external communication.

Thankfully, signs have evolved with time and now hospital management can use them to boost the overall experience of their patients and workers. At BlinkSigns we provide comprehensive custom interior signs and exterior signs services for hospitals. In this article we are listing down important signage solutions that hospitals must invest in.

Digital Signs:

There is no debate in saying that digital signs are greatly helping health care facilities and medical centers to improve the patient satisfaction level. They are also helping in making the life easier for healthcare providers. Hospital management can now easily communicate with their staff members and train their workforce about new treatments. Management can also accelerate patient check-in by installing digital screens at receptions. All in all, digital signage signs have proved fruitful in mitigating stress, streamlining hospital operations and delivering the highest quality of care.

Wayfinding Signs:

As mentioned earlier, hospitals usually have dozens of departments which can make wayfinding difficult and frustrating. The complex and intimidating environment often leads to confusion, adding discomfort to an already stressful situation. Wayfinding signs installed at strategic and high-traffic areas such as lobbies, receptions, waiting areas and other central locations can help visitors find the best route to their desired destination. Furthermore, since not everyone is familiar with medical terminologies, hospitals should avoid using sophisticated medical lingo on the wayfinding boards. The use of simpler terminologies facilitates navigation.

Building Wraps:

Building Wraps are becoming widely popular among healthcare signs. Healthcare Industry marketing experts throughout the world are exploring new avenues and trying different things, so it’s no surprise that marketing and business strategies in the health care sector are changing rapidly. In a world full of competitive marketing, hospitals and health facilities, like any other business, must continually consider visibility and accessibility. Building wraps provide them a great opportunity to set themselves apart and establish their identity across all the corners of their vicinity. 

Wall Murals & Window Graphics:

Despite their utmost importance in our lives, hospitals and medical clinics might appear a little unwelcoming and intimidating to patients young and old. Relaxing and cheery wall murals can help ease the environment. Art has the power to transform surroundings and not only bring peace to patients, but also improve their health by creating a sense of calm. Within healthcare facilities, wall murals can be a useful communication tool. They can help with wayfinding and as well as create a loving and inviting environment. The scientific community has made several findings about the power of art and healing, and the favorable relationship between the two is still considered by therapists and medical experts. 

Signage for Hospitals With BlinkSigns 

At BlinkSigns, we understand the complex environments of healthcare institutions. We provide friendly and interactive sign solutions that benefit your team and your patients. For more information on healthcare signage, reach out to our team!