You already know that Cleveland has a hot restaurant scene. Yet did you also know that its food truck scene is just as hip and sought after? The area around Walnut Avenue and East 12th Street in particular is famous for finding multiple food trucks parked there on Wednesdays between the hours of 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. What helps the various vendors stand out is the use of vehicle graphics.

Food Truck Wraps for Cleveland Vendors

Since standing out is the name of the game, you have already come up with signature dishes that bespeak your culinary expertise and passion. Yet when you bring your dishes to the guests, your vehicle is – for lack of a better term – your wrapping and marketing message rolled into one. You do not have the luxury of a billboard and other signage that brings in guests. Whether you show up for the Walnut Wednesday or the Crocker Park food truck festival, your truck needs to stand out just as much as the menu. What are your options?

  • Colorful backdrops. Business colors work well. If your food is spicy, consider the display of a fiery inferno. The more vibrant the colors of the wrap, the more likely it is for hungry eaters to pick out your vehicle and its menu.
  • Subliminal images. These work well on darker wraps. Consider the incorporation of certain ingredients into the look of the wrap but via subliminal graphics. They are easy to spot close up but not from far away.
  • Menus. Let folks know what your truck is all about. Whether you specialize in all things pasta or present the hungry crowd with the best fried chicken they can find in town, spell out what the menu is.
  • Dishes and prices. When you open up the side to take orders, the flap that opens should sport decals that name your individual dishes and their prices. Think of it as a menu board that you have incorporated into the wrap.
  • Decals. Digital images of your customers’ favorite dishes look great on your truck. If you have several write-ups on Yelp about a particular dish, have it professionally photographed and let us add it to the look.
  • Contact information. Help customers to find you again. Although most trucks are good about spreading the word on Twitter, invest in a website and display its address on the truck. Post your schedule there, too.

Getting Started on Your Order

Contact the graphic artists at Blink Marketing & Signs for more information on the setup of food truck wraps in Cleveland. We work with the graphics that you already have on hand and show you how they can come together to create your marketing message, similar to our custom outdoor business signs. If you are just starting out or are not happy with the way your graphics look, we gladly design a wrap from scratch.

Preparing your vehicle for the next food truck festival or your regularly scheduled lunch extravaganza is quick. After printing the wrap, we prep your vehicle and install the product. It really is this easy. Call us today to get started on your order.