What do you do when you want to stand out inside a mall? More importantly, how do you reel in foot traffic when you are dealing with the discerning customer base of Cleveland’s malls? These shoppers do not just visit you because your doors are open. You need to give them a reason to stop and enter. This is why channel letters for mall retailers in Cleveland, OH, are becoming such a big deal.

Case Study: Ticknors

Ticknors is a men’s clothier. Style and sophistication meet with designer brands and custom tailoring. Marketing to the stylish male of today while also appealing to the executive in need of a sharp appearance, the store’s signage presents an excellent example of fitting into the setting while standing out and being true to the company’s branding message.

The channel letters chosen are backlit to present with a classy appearance. The fronts of the letters are closed up with aluminum, which sports silver paint in keeping with the store’s overall façade coloring. Mounted a couple of inches from a black backdrop, the resulting display bathes the lettering in a soft halo that beautifully plays off the dark color. As you take in the overall appearance of the signage display, the branding message is clear: enter to find stylish clothes and impeccable service.

Communicating Concisely with Channel Letters

Are you surprised to learn how easy it is to communicate with little more than lettering, a customized backdrop and a clever illumination choice? Although it sounds deceptively complicated, our graphic artists can translate virtually any branding message into an effective channel letter setup. The process starts with the choice of the letters’ looks. This requires an imitation of the font you have chosen for your display. Our technicians shape the aluminum letter bodies into exact replicas of these font styles.

Next, we discuss your color choices. If you already have a website set up, this is an easy task. When you are still working on putting together an official look, we offer you some suggestions based on your marketing materials and other branding tools. With this decision made, it is now time to consider the illumination. Although you are setting up your store inside a busy mall, remember that illumination draws the eye. While you could make do with a non-lit channel letter setup, this is not necessarily in your best interest.


Illuminated LED signs come in three basic designs:

  1. Front lit. The light escapes from the front of the letter. It causes the colorful design to be bolder. The majority of our clients choose this option.
  2. Back lit. Take a page from the playbook of Ticknors and opt for the backlit lettering. The light escapes through the back, which creates a halo effect. The result is chic and classy.
  3. Combination. Some clients like the idea of having the best of both worlds. Although the strength of the illumination is slightly weaker, the combo nevertheless creates an interesting display.

When you are ready to choose your perfect channel letter signs for mall retail stores in Cleveland, call the experts at BlinkSigns for a consultation. We work with you to get out your marketing and branding messages loud and clear.