Whenever business clients find out that Blink Marketing & Signs handles sign repairs for Cleveland companies, they are surprised. In the past, these clients thought that it would take an electrician to repair the lit signage that is missing a bulb or a painter to fix the slightly outdated look of a cabinet. In fact, repairing signs is a major part of our business. Our technicians have put together a list of questions (and their answers) that we hear most frequently from clients about custom outdoor signs and repairs.

Q: Can you fix all types of signs?

A: Yes, we can. Since we install a broad range of marketing signage, we can also repair or maintain these products down the road.

Q: Do we need to buy your signs for you to come out and do repairs?

A: No, you do not. We repair all types of signs that our competitors have designed and installed. Some signage companies do not handle their installations and therefore would not know how to go about uninstalling and then reinstalling a repaired sign. Others may no longer be in business. No matter who put up your sign, if it needs to be repaired or even just maintained, we can handle the job.

Q: What is a good example of a time when a sign repair was all that was needed?

A: When clients move into an office that already has signage on the exterior, we first take stock of the product. If it is sound and in good shape, the client can save quite a bit of money by having us do simple refurbishing. Sign re-facing lets us put your look onto the body of an already existing cabinet setup. The same is true for monument signs that have lost their luster but could look great with a coat of paint and the addition of some new letters. Of course, when our client prefers a completely new signage setup, we will accommodate the company.

Q: When do you advise against a signage repair?

A: If a sign has been installed in a way that represents a code violation, we do not suggest fixing the marker but encourage the client to have it installed in a legal and safe manner. In addition, if a sign has gone without maintenance for too long and it is just about to fall apart, it is well past the time for a fix. When we estimate the cost of labor and materials, we usually recommend a new signage design and installation if it is more expensive to fix what is there than to start over.

Q: How does a signage maintenance regimen benefit a business?

A: You want your signage to look as good today as it did on the day that it was first installed. Yet anything that is left outside for long gets a bit dirty and grimy. Weather takes its toll as do animals. The clients who have us come out at regular intervals to clean their signage, repair lights when needed and add a bit of touch up paint here and there already know that their products look attractive and effectively communicate with their customers. When a sign looks weathered, dirty and run down, it does not speak well of the business and its products. Call us today to learn more about superior sign maintenance for Cleveland companies.